Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mentioned on other blogs

    My blog other than here and my orkut,fb accounts don't find much mention, but it actually was mentioned somewhere else, here is the proof.
       The 3rd one on that list is mine. So what's it?is the question here is the answer,I joined the Atheist blogroll which is like a community for atheists who blog but only one thing that we have do to stay in the community is to write on atheism once in a while, and that is what i like to do. Anyone who writes on atheism can join there, to join click on the atheist blogroll picture on the top right side of my blog and follow the instructions on the page which it leads to.
       And i almost forgot my blog is mentioned on one of my friends blog too, and that is the only place where my blog might ever get mentioned, it's the second one on the list.Bye

Sports movies and criticism on Cricket

     Of late i have been watching a few good movies, and Chak De India is one of them,this movie is named as the 12th best sports movie of all time on imdb, and we have 3 of our movies in that list Iqbal and Lagaan are the other 2, while the other two were more art oriented and about cricket,this movie's little less arty and about hockey.This movie is about a coach called Kabir Khan,coach of the women's national hockey team who brings the team from nowhere to victory but his personal hockey carrier was spoiled when he misses to make a penalty goal in a Ind VS Pak match, as soon pak wins, a member of the pak team comes and shakes hand with him in good sportsman spirit but the media takes close-ups of this hand shake and makes it a national issue alleging kabir of match fixing then he leaves his home and disappears for 7 years and then appears on the scene in path breaking style.
     This movie had good music,camera work,acting,story etc.As far as i am concerned i always thought Sharukh was a bad actor and that was because that always he acts in those masala flicks mostly and his KKR team publicity stunts(which actually did negative publicity) and most importantly i have not seen many of his movies earlier and that has changed now but the one thing i don't like about this movie is that there is too much of negativity towards cricket, but lets assess we just won one cricket world cup and in present tense cricket is the only sport here,hockey won most of the golds, in fact india has the highest number of olympic medals in hockey but it still can't find a proper place with peoples interests, why? maybe politics.....It's time people stop blaming cricket and see what's wrong with other sport administrations, cricket did well(the admin's of course) to be decorated in this era but what did other sports do?....
     It's too late for me to rate this movie but i will give a 8.5/10.There are equally good movies Iqbal and Lagaan and as far as i remember india has produced 4 bollywood sports movies and three are in the top 15 ,4th movie is goal(john abraham,bips starrer).One movie called "Sye" it's a masala flick,telegu movie,college oriented and rugby based(would you believe that?) is worth a mention a good movie and "Lee" tamil movie, football based did average it had a bad actor to play the lead that's it as far as i remember ok bye.

Monday, December 28, 2009

A Few Theories

               One theory of atheism says that the cross in christianity is derived from the shape of the stars,so i just observed the night sky on dec 25 and this is how it looked in the east side.

          Ok it may be looking gibberish, let me explain, my artistic skills are not so great so just assume that the black and white background is the night sky and yellow spot's are the important stars. The three small stars in the middle are the "orion belt", which many would be familiar with and the two stars to it's left and right, i am not sure of it's names and the bright star at the bottom is called "sirius". This is the theory, on dec 25 the orion belt will be in straight line with the sirius star and parallel to the other two stars, just joining those stars forms a cross. There is another theory relating this which deals with the birth of christ and the three kings(orion belt) guided by a star(sirius) come to meet the lord who gives them light(it's actually birth of a new year from when the sun starts to rise and days get longer than the nights) and when the phenomenon occurs these stars are in a shape resembling the cross.
         So what i am trying to say is that during the olden days when people wrote about certain special things occurring in nature like these, they wrote it down as stories and as age evolved these stories became myth's and the character's involved became gods.There are many other different theories like this and this one is just a small part of the big delusion. Source for this theory is the zeitgeist documentary.
Of course, this post is written in an atheistic point if view, so any theist(especially christians) may feel offended , so warning don't read if you are a theist and i am not responsible if it hurts your beliefs and feelings.

Peiteresen talking to Kallis in Tamil

Peiteresen: Vaa macha veliyala poie oru dum adichitu varalam.
Kallis: Aama macha unga trott payan kooda romba gaandu enthitan da.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Few quotes on Sachin

Nice video ,i liked it...


This is very old ad , but i always remember the ecstasy i used to feel whenever i saw it on tv, it was aired during matches and i used to stop whatever i may be doing and run to the tv to watch it, for me this ad is the start of sachinism in in the ad if sachin bats the world is in an absolute stand still , just as if waiting to be taken to glory and attain salvation by the only Saviour(during those times literally it was only him who played well) and numerous times he made us win games,single handedly.....Proud Sachin fan, my religion sachinism, my god sachin. 

Friday, December 25, 2009

Stranger than Fiction

       After we ran amuck out of the theater after watching vettaikaran, we went to the beach station where we found a hotel to eat and slowly our senses came back, then we went to the beach sat there watching the waves and that too in peace, don't know the reason but there were no disturbances like "anne sudal vaangi sapude anne" or "thambi beach ku vande, verkadali vangu pa" no nothing of that sort, all shops were closed and no vendors at all only the normal public,then we went to the citi center and wanted to book tickets for avatar for shows on 29,30 or 31 but booking was open only till 28 and so we asked to come back on friday or so, we returned home from there and it was one and half hour drive by bus.

      After coming home i quickly decided to watch a movie and this was the movie i saw "Stranger than fiction", and a refreshing difference from the movie i saw in the day, the story is of a I.R.S agent by the name of Harold Crick who lives a lone life full of symmetry and calculations upto the point that he even counts the number of brush strokes while brushing and does the same number everyday, suddenly one day he starts hearing a voice in his head that narrates what he does and the that female voice also once states that he has an imminent death awaiting ,he panics and meets a doctor who says that's schizo but he wouldn't listen he meets a literary professor who tries to assess and find what's that voice and in-between harold goes to audit a baker whom he falls in love with and the romance scenes are very well shot where he buys a guitar and sings a song, harold slowly realizes that he is going to die so he just wants to live his life and enjoy it, he want's to buy a guitar and that too which tells about him he finds one not in great shape but a really cool one and karoke's his fav songs and while doing things like that, he finds that a certain women Ms.Eiffel is the voice in his head he finds her phone number and address goes to inform her that she is the voice in his head and asks her how she knows that he was going to die, she says that she's writing a book a tragedy that of the story of the death of a simple person harold, she also finds that as she types the story on her typewriter, the things happen she has already written an abstract of the death but has not typed it yet, harold takes the unprinted book and gives it to the professor who is assessing him, he reads it and tells him that people have to be lucky to get a death of that type,harold very sadly takes the book and reads it fully and gives it back to the author and says he is happy to accept such a death or his life would have no meaning and the story takes a few sudden turns from there that's the story just without the ending i can't write such a beauty i don't deserve writing it nor i can't express such a beautiful ending with my vocabulary and writing skills.
       The imdb link is this, it's rated 7.9 as i write this, but it deserves an clear 8.5 above rating these imdb raters are kind of foolish they don't give movies like this one or "50 first dates", a good rating, overall this one is a must watch, logic once or twice takes a back seat but you would like it anyways just like "The Truman Show" superb movie.I have to mention the graphics used in the movie just excellently done.If i rate it, it's 8.5/10 ,i feel like i am fortunate to watch such movies.Ok bye it's 1:00 already and i need to go to a Christmas party tomo and the 4th odi India vs Sri Lanka match was as good as the movie.
Spoiler Alert: If you have not seen the movie please watch it instead of reading this, i tried my best not to reveal a lot and did a fair job,but don't read it.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


    Ya ya i risked my life.....I saw this movie.I saw it at Idream cinemas and luckily we missed the first 20 mins, 5 including me went to the movie and one of them is a Vijay fan(not me), obviously he first said he wont come with us cos, we would make fun of that animal doing gravity defying things but somehow managed to make him come and we tried to stay quite, but others didn't, many were seeing the funny side of those stupid stunts in the movie and vijay's acting no doubt it's funny, c'mon he has the talent to make us laugh in sentiment scenes and cry in his comedy scenes and roll and laugh in his fights, who else can do that other than DR.VIJAY.
     Ok leaving the crap behind,the story is this, ravi hails from a village(familier),fails repeatedly in 12th exams and finally passes,comes to chennai to study and complete his ambition that of becoming a police officer like his role model srihari(forgot his character's name in the movie), and he would drive his auto to make money for his studies,he falls in love with anushka(complete crap segment of the movie), she falls in love with him,villian chella abuses a girl who is known to ravi, then what else?, a stupid fight,chella takes severe beating he can't get up for a month while his father vedanayagam(the only real actor in the movie) tries to kill ravi in the place of another person called bomb ravi in an encounter style execution but he escapes by juming into an approx 80 feet high waterfall.First half over....
     After you have had a 10 min break to breathe and rest from the suffocation you have suffered from watching this movie, the second half starts ,ravi goes to meet srihari to confront him on why he would not come to save him and let it happen to him (heart-break ->;) he finds srihari has lost his eyes because of the main villain and also he was not shot at properly by the encounter specialists cos,srihari told them not to,srihari lost his family and eyes to vedanayaga, than ravi goes to veda and veda instead of killing him on spot veda takes him with him and tells his story how he is person that he is today just by starting as a petty worker at a tea stall and lets him go and not to been seen ever in his life, from next day onwards all of veda's properties start coming down as ravi, now transformed 'police ravi' starts bringing them down(How?,Dont ask this is DR.Vijay's movie) then ravi becomes a big don and does social service then suddenly ravi's love story is known to the villian's and they kidnap anushka, ravi sorry police ravi saves her(severe failure of the gravitation effect takes place though, along with common senses' too) and from then on there is no proper story veda becomes a minister and he is assassinated by srihari(he was blind right?) and movie ends.....................
     Stupid movie, only the villain's character was good, anushka was there only to fill up the glamor-quotient of the movie, logic-quotient was absent,vijay as always damaged the art of acting, comedy was bad, except for the fight's they were very funny and could you believe it a crow could talk in this movie!,music the worst by vijay antony, of course he shares his name with the animal and what do you expect while he's composing for the animal's movie, and what ? rating? you searching for rating for this movie? hahaha i don't rate movies when 1.They are too good, 2.when they are too bad.........cos there would be no use in rating them and this movie qualifies for the second point as listed above......
Alert! Watch it at your own risk, the producers or the animal in the movie is not responsible for any health or life loss occurring during the course of the movie.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Chennai 100 Years ago!!!!

No where is the place where i live today in that map of 1909.Got it from wikipedia when searching for chennai in it if you want the pic download it from there.

Fine's and Ban's Part-II

    This one's simple one compared to the last post India while playing against the Lankans in the 2'nd ODI used up extra 45 mins of the alloted time and that is not too late to be left off with a fine and Dhoni has been handed a two ODI ban effective immediately and all the team members 40% of the match fee has docked as fine.For Dhoni hater's like me ,we are happy to see a match without him but generally for a normal and neutral fan it's a little sour.None is to be blamed here the referee Jeff Crowe did what was written in the book and the new rules in the book are very strict, Dhoni and his team bowled only 8 overs in the last one hour while the normal rate would be 14-16 per hour. When in pressure, it generally takes time to bowl your overs but 45 mins was a little too much but India had to try their best to win and so it's OK considering the spirit of the game issue. The B.C.C.I won't appeal(very un-BCCI style) the ban or the fine.
   The captain for the next two tests is Shewag and Dhoni will be back for the final match. So enjoy guys waiting to see an ODI without Dhoni.
   As i write this post i realize that Makaya Ntini is playing his 100th test match Kudos Makaya!!!
 You are one of the best.

Fine's and Ban's

     "I'll See You Outside" says Benn

 You would have got it,Yes it's about cricket first the controversy the "Sulieman Benn" issue.And it is a serious one in my opinion it's racism in cricket. The incident was a very normal one, Midge hits one just to his off side and Benn goes to pick the ball up as Haddin tries for a quick single and they collide and an altercation occurs between the both and it is settled quickly but the real incident occurs a few overs later when Benn stops a ball which is hit straight back and aims it back at the stumps on the strikers side while looking at Haddin and then Haddin almost charges upto to Benn saying things and Benn's not to be left behind starts saying things and that too in his Caribbean calypso style when they keep talking to each others Midge enters and puts his head blocking Benn hand and Benn gives him a slight push. Gayle tries to separate Benn and the white boys but it's of no use, the umpires mere look at them as if it was funny. Complaints lodged and the racist referee Chris Broad hands 25% and 10% ban to Haddin and Midge each, but 2 ODI ban on Benn.....Ok i ask this question how would have Chris Broad reacted if he was in Benn's situation? Everyone knows the aussie's racist culture so i have no doubt that they would have said something to Benn, coming back to Chris Broad he would have reacted the way in which Benn had, and leave that why was a ban not handed on the aussie's, maybe cos they are white, that's the only thing i can think of. Similar incident took place in 2007 day 3 of the 2nd test match at Sydney in the series between India and Australia when Bajji was provoked by Hayden,Symonds and co, that's when aussies were told that are the most "Champion Stuff" team in the world. I hear W.I has appealed the ban and most probably i feel that the ban will be overturned when the case falls in the hands of a proper non-racist judge.
This is my personal opinion so if there is something wrong please forgive my mistake.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

V for Vendetta

"VoilĂ ! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of Fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished. However, this valorous visitation of a by-gone vexation, stands vivified and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin van-guarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition."
    Count the number of V's in that dialog, this movie was released in 2005 so, as far as how good this movie is, i am none to judge, many would have known it by now here's it's imdb page.It's rated 8.2/10 presently and it's listed in the top 250 movies.But why am i writing this post?, whoa! cos i was awestruck watching this movie.Revenge is one of the most powerful concept just because everyone would have got their vengeance at least once in their life, and that feeling just can't be explained and even the title of this movie title has it.
     This movie start's with "Remember,remember the 5th of November" in some 17th century where a person called Guy Fawks revolts against the government and gets captured and dies by being publicly hung by the then govt but,he does not die cos "ideas don't die" and that idea is used after 400 years. People forget the importance of Nov 5 when the movie shifts from there to the future some 2040 year.In that future, people don't go out in the evening cos some curfew's have been imposed by the dictator of the U.K Adam Sutler(name rhyming with Adolf Hitler) and a women called Evey Hammond who is on the streets after late gets caught by fingermen(gestapo?),who are the police appointed by Sutler,instead of giving protection to her they try to rape her,that's when the Guy fawks masked, wearing a full sized coat with everything black and shining appears,he fights with them off with some very fancy and impressive swords work and his name is 'V' he rescues the girl with a lot of style and and tells her that fully V'ed dialog above....Why does he wear Guy Fawks mask?and what is his vendetta? watch the movie to find it.
       Certain movie's quickly become your obsession and this movie is certainly one of them, and i must say i am really feeling like i am fortunate to watch this movie,it has good camera work,good story,good screenplay,good acting and i just can't see if there is anything wrong in it.Dialog's they are a very integral part of a movie and this movie starts off with a very good dialog(remember,remember the 5th of November), and maintains that quality through out the movie.More importantly it shows how future is going to be ruled by religious fanatics by banning homosexuality and killing Muslims in the name of terrorism and even having a Qu'ran in your house gets you killed and believe me in the future after say a 30 to 50 years later western world will be like that watch zeitgeist you will know what i am blabbing now.It shows how the politics are going to rule the world by removing the civil liberties.This movie has a lot of issues which are really close to my heart and it indirectly deals with atheism and nothing can beat revenge concepts and you can watch this movie just for it's dialog's.And my rating for this movie if i have any qualification to rate, is a sure shot 9.5/10. What a great movie?
"Die! Die! Why won't you die?... Why won't you die?
V: Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof."

Monday, December 14, 2009

Saturday, December 12, 2009

THE Most Idiotic Ad campaign ever

    I was casually watching Tv yesterday after coming from college when this most idiotic ad campaign came up, i have been hearing about it for some days now but i thought that it was some stupid ad like many others(i mean tata docomo train ad) which appear on tv, but i was shocked and kind of felt like i am an idiot to watch it as i found that it was a 30 mins feature on a few channels. So what is it, it is a ad campaign which is motivated by a foolish group called W.A.L.S (Women Against Lazy Stubble) who push men in their home and surroundings to get a clean shave(lol!). Sounding stupid right, i felt the same way when i saw it.
    It actually appears on three cnn channels in India(cnn-ibn,ibn7,cnbc) as a 30 mins sponsored feature which exactly copies the style in which a news channel airs it's programs and actually shows how men suffer because of a stubble(hehehe), it makes interviews with those men who had suffered due to a UNSHAVED beard and ask others to opt for clean shaved look(hahaha) and shows the advantages of it(hahahehehaha).

   Let me tell a few of the most funniest instances in that 30 minute feature i saw, first it shows three celebrities each for a zone who FIGHT so that men in their zone shave(they actually seem to be serious abt it!!!), then they show a person who was frustrated because his gf refused to go for movie with him because he had a BEARD(laugh out loud,roll on the floor), then he appears after a week with a clean shave and his gf readily takes him with her for a movie(i am awestruck!!). Next the sorry story of a college professor, students bunk his classes, they give him red roses for, you guessed it right, he had a BEARD(i am already coughing), then after a week he shaves and the students return to the classes, he say that now students seem to listen in his classes!!!!(because he shaved his beard!!), then a few more instances when a working class person opens his lunch box he finds a piece of paper instead of food inside and "shave or starve"(tears rolling down my cheeks) written on it and a few more like stupid ones like these.
           Gillette have gone mad where were the days when you signed dravid, federer,tiger(bitch?) for your ad's ,what's wrong with you guys , you must fire the person who gave you this idea and stop this absolutely INSANE ad campaign right NOW. It is negative publicity for gillette considering the money they would have spent for signing up super models/actresses and to get a whole 30 minute slot on India's most watched news channels to publicize this stupid campaign. And more idiotic is that their mach 3 razor is priced at RS.125 and they call it CHEAP and they say that India is queuing up at stores to buy the new and cheap razor and they are running outta stock!!!!.
           After watching that atrocious 30 min program i felt i must do my bit to make fun of it and i think i successfully did it by posting about it. If you are looking for some funny things to watch on tv then i suggest you watch this campaign it's out right funny (women pushing men to shave, what does it matter to them).
is the link for it's site there are timings at which it will aired watch it have a really funny time....Bye guys...Tc

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vijay's Punch Dialog (very funny)

"Sammi munnadi than santhama pesuven sakada munnadi illai".......Never knew one could talk with "Sakadai", very funny person Dr.Vijay.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Numero Uno in Test Cricket

That's the Icc test Championship Trophy, it's ours now!!!
            It,s a remarkably proud day for any cricket fan in India, because today is the day which will be marked into history books as the day of ultimate glory in Indian cricket. Test cricket is the game for toughest of hearts unlike the junk food cricket(i.e,T-20,tastes good but can't be eaten daily) this is the proper cricket far more lovelier than any other form. It may seem boring, but believe me tests are the most exciting. This series was very exciting everyone has seen the mini god Shewag play like one was seeing a t-20 highlights, wonderful memories for my lifetime, i have no doubt about this.
            It was not single day achievement unlike the junk food wc win in '07, it has been a process and i am really happy that this time 'round every laurel has not been placed at that stupid dhoni's feet(i have reasons for that i will post on that soon), the process they say stared 18 months back as far i am concerned i remember a test win in South Africa, we lost the one day series badly,i think 4-1 loss for us and a t-20 also, but that test win on their soil was the real starter, it set a fire in every cricket fan's belly screaming that we have arrived to conquer each format and we did we were t-20 champs(no credit to dhoni,ask yourself what did he perform there is S.A), no:1 in odi's for 24 hours, and now we are the champs of real cricket too. The series in Aus(jan-feb '08) was very motivating for a any average cricket fan and i must mention Kumble here because he taught others that cricket needs to be played from the heart he undoubtedly was the lone warrior for us most of the time(unlike dhoni who never does something substantial to win), we must celebrate it now or it's gonna be never.
            As a matter fact, the hard truth is that we may only be at the top for 2 weeks. Other than this series there are 6 other teams are playing tests around the world and more worse we have only 2 tests in the next 6 months, and the bcci is interested only in the junk food and the money from it, so they come up with such stupid scheduling ruining a beautiful chance to sustain the ranking, moreover the ranking don't really show the reality, we did not play with S.A in recent times ,S.A deserve to be the top in some way by the end of 2 weeks we wont remain still remain at the top of the ranking chart, so wtf we must enjoy it today.
            Whatever happens, how many movies i watch,documentaries i see..ultimately i am more passionate about cricket and then comes atheism followed by anything else even zeitgeist however strong message it may be have had i still fell like, "wtf do i care", so the point here is that i am a cricket freak and i don't care about politics, social welfare those are not meant for me, my genre reads silly stuff and cricket, so never think that once in a while i post about the society and i care about it, at the end still i don't give a damn to it . Maybe i said it a little harshly but my instincts made me write it.Bye guys ,Tc...(i edited it once after the post, it had hell a lot of mistakes and the last para does not have any meaning,Don't read it(i was trying to be funny))......

Thursday, December 3, 2009


        The pic above says it all.The artistic value of the movie is excellent but what was more better was the concept of the movie.This one has 3 parts which are of 3 different genres.
Part I-The Greatest Story Ever told
         What is it?It is god,the light,the saviour,etc whatever, is just a story written by a few people who just took the source from the nature and hence every thing they talk about in the holy books is about nature.If any one is really having ideas about changing to atheism,i personally cannot recommend a better documentry than this one.It deals mainly with christainity but in the process also does a great deal to drag in other religions into it including hinduism, clearly showing how most of the religions are false(but i must accept surprisingly that no where was islam dragged into, still it is all bullshit no doubt) it tells that in egyptian mythology the god for sun was horus and from him the idea of christ was born.The most basic thing is the birth of the christ,now when he was born three kings came to him guided by a star from the east to offer clothes etc(where those kings idiots to follow a star?moving stars happens all the time,and still how did they find the exact location and why did only kings follow and why not others?you got it,it's all bullshit) the star in the east is sirius the brightest star in the northern hemisphere and it comes exactly on the straight line with the orion's belt(group of 3 stars) hence three kings(orion's belt) find the light,saviour,etc(sirius).Bullshit right,and a lot more has been reveled like this in this part.
Part II-All the world's a stage
         This is the most shocking part,this part clearly reveals with proof that 9/11 is a conspiracy with proof i repeat,this is just not a story to story to ignore and all could one do is only wish that it was a dream and not real, impact is the right word, this part just impacts the kind of way which one looks at politics,corporate companies and mostly events like 9/11.The report submitted on the 9/11 incident shows many irregularities which are overlooked like a statement reads"It is not known as to who is the funders of incident,however it is not of much importance"(not exact but meaning is the same) using even my brain which is not even close to considered intelligent tells that it is most important to find the people who invested in them maybe they kept this silent because the govt were the funders and may more shockers like this
Part III-Don't Mind the Men Behind the Curtain  
          This one is particularly about the corporations which were behind the ww 1,ww 2,veitnam war and part of U.S in it.It shows the corporations pushed the govt to take part in the war and actually create instances which would provoke a war.The ww I,u.s declared neutrality but the companies benefit the most only from a war,cos it would help them finance to develop the war-destroyed areas,so they made an incident and then blew it outta proportions,if you remember history, you might have a vague idea of a ship with american passengers on board was sunk by german sub-marines,this was the incident it was actually staged the liner was sent into german waters and the germans had other go but to bombard the liner which had ammunition inside it so that if they don't automatically shoot they could provoke or even the blast would be bigger with bombs inside already,similarly pearl harbour and vietnam wars.This obviously shows us that the modern day wars on afgans and iran is just another one like that.This part also deals major-ly deals with the fractional banking system which is an absolute fraud and what they intend to do finally again with solid proof.
           I have seen the remastered edition which actually was re-made from the prototype zeitgeist on youtube which was the most viewed for sometime the video is available even on youtube or the full version can be torrents downloaded.I urge, pls watch it whoever reads this and then join the zeitgeist movement at