Sunday, August 22, 2010

Anil Kumble: The true legend.

The Ultimate reason why one can be his fan.
     When I was a kid, without much knowledge of cricket, when someone asked who is your favorite cricketer i would say 3 names, sachin, kumble, ajay jadeja, i have no idea why, but i would, as i grew ajay jadeja faded away with some match-fixing scandals, everyone knows Sachin is the god but kumble remained underrated, if anyone asks me today who are role models in life i am sure i'll mention the humble Sachin and the gentleman Kumble among the few others.
     Kumble is a legend, he is the perfect example for determination and controlled aggression(which many lack these days aka sreeshanth, yuvi, etc). Kumble's attitude is the ultimate i feel, and that attitude can win many hearts like mine, for me cricket is not just a game, it's a teacher of many life qualities and lessons and one can learn many from Kumble's games. Determination, whenever i hear this word, the first name that comes to my mind is "Anil Kumble", anybody else with such a bowling action as his wouldn't have lasted for more than a series or two, but kumble survived for 132 tests and took 619 wickets highest by any Indian and also considered as one of the best modern day spinners, his action gave him no spin but bounce and pace, what made him unique was the aggression with which he bowled, those expressions of anger after taking a wicket, the pleading to bowl one more over again and again even after being thrashed by the bowler, he was titanium-strong mentally, he had a hunger for competition like no other. It was like if he was bowling he was giving more than a 100 percent every time.
     I did not see the famous 2002 India vs West Indies match where he played on with a broken jaw and took Brain Lara's wicket, but i've heard a lot about that match and seen a few videos, but that alone doesn't show his greatness, many other minor incidents were the reason for me liking him so much, he was a perfect gentleman, he had no controversy ever until the sydney '08 incident occurred, he was extremely aggressive on the field and off it he was gentleman, the ultimate qualities of a legend.
     This article by Harsha Bhogle triggered me to write this much delayed post and i am really satisfied i wrote this.  

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