Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dev D

     I have seen a few movies this week, which include two oscar nominee movies "Precious","The Blind Side" and the "The Departed","Dev D", among which those last two stood out, while the departed was a crime and thriller genre movie, Dev D was one of it's kind drug and other real life incidents based movie.
      The Departed was good but Dev D was excellent, people might wonder how people watch these kinda movies, but i like them, i have seen movies on drug abuse, prostitution etc etc before in the likes of "The Basketball diaries", "Requiem For a Dream", "Fight Club" etc there are a lot more which i don't remember presently, all of them were excellent movies and DD is surely one of the best, it was very original when compared to other Indian movies which easily copy the screenplay, story and music, this movie stands out in that aspect and even better than a hollywood movie. The style maybe slightly inspired but not like a straight copy at all.
     This movie mainly is about three characters Dev, Paro ,Chanda/Leni. Dev is spoiled young man, who returns from London for his bro's wedding and wants to marry his childhood lover Paro, but he hears rumors of she having an sexual affair with someone and Dev insults her, Paro loves him but after the insult she moves on and marries another person, later Dev realizes that the rumors are false, but it's too late, Paro settles in Delhi with her husband, Dev has a hotel in Delhi, he starts getting addicted to drugs and drinking, here Chanda comes in she is a teen who gets caught in a mms scandal, then her dad commits suicide, mom leaves her, she then comes to delhi and works as a prostitute by night and goes to college in the day and then the story goes on, i can't write it completely.
     This movie has every thing, excellent direction, screenplay, cinematography, music , very good performances especially Kalki (Leni/Chanda) but the movie lacks a little bit of logic, like paro having good internet access, there is a lot of sex involved and in the first half they always seem to be doing it without getting caught, good english spoken like a lot of slum dwellers, people wearing hats,glasses etc inside an Indian slum,elvis presly styled wedding singers. But this movie is not that bad either, in fact other than those little  logical errors it's an exceptional movie, with the music fitted the way it was fitted it's just excellent, and this movie was not even selected for oscars list from India, if it was it might have stood a great chance cos it's like one of their movies with a good Indian touch. It deals a lot with female sexual desires and how they are suppressed in our culture, Music was really really excellent i think i mentioned music twice earlier in this post but it needs that mention cos it was so good and the actress Kalki was again really good, she is an indo-french from pondy so she knows french, tamil, english fluently and she speaks too in all those languages in the movie!, she apparently learned Hindi for this movie(ha ha, truely south indian).
BOTTOMLESS: Must watch, few might never understand it but a really good movie some even call it a devdas satire.     

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chennai Super Kings

     Shit, i don't know what's wrong with our team franchise, first they give a yellow color jersey, people say manja color banian(yellow, yellow dirty fellow with a captain buffalo), kothanaru podaru banian (masons wear a similar yellow color vest and do their work), Kak*** color da adhu (no expalination). Then they select a buffalo as the captain with no proper bowling attack, then they create a unbearable team song, then they buy cheap cheer leaders, then they make vijay the team what not?
     I am tired of explaining all the geth our dress colour, and i don't support the captain but i back all the stupid player, then i say, this is the best team this is MY team, and saying vijay is removed now's sivamani.
     What for? Tomorrow is IPL, I don't see any fever out there, saturday is our first match, no proper advertising on tv or internet or even newspapers, KKR the most stupidest IPL team is also doing some advertising, what are we doing? We got enough negative publicity already with a buffalo playing for the team and a pig ambassadoring the team I don't know what's my purpose as a fan, I don't know why i am a fan of such a stupid team.
     But wait,This is MY team what if those assholes don't publicize MY team, I will be a fan for life. MY team WILL win the tournament this time, this time no semi final finish and stuff, winners is the only finish we are going to see this time. My team has the best batting line up, now come and face my team and you are only getting to be humiliated by boundaries flying outside the ground, come saturday it's gonna be mayhem on the field, it's gonna seem like there is reverse gravity effect when MY team bat, balls gonna get ripped apart, and getting lost every few overs, such is the bashing gonna be, every other team out there is going to think "shit guys we've been cheated, they are using black magic" such is the effect going to be, it would be just like the Kings have arrived but wait, we are the Superkings, Beware others out there, the Superkings are on the prowl.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscar's '10

     Ok i've seen 5 movies out of the 10 movies selected, by the time this post is posted, it would be 9 hours to go for the ceremony. The 5 movies i've seen are "Hurt Locker, Inglorious Bastards,Up in the Air,District 9,Avatar". I watch movies so differently and i have a very awkward taste in anything, be it movies or other stuff, ok coming to the point, if only those 5 movies were selected for the oscar's and if and only if i was given a chance to select the best of those movie's, i would first reject "Avatar" and "Inglorious Bastards" out of contention, Avatar is pathetic apart from the special effects, it has story of a Vijaykanth movie but it's not that bad though, i just mean it can't be selected for the best movie.IB i think that good either, Tarantino might have already called this his masterpiece but it ain't, it has a very strong performance by Christoph Waltz, hope he wins that oscar for best supporting actor, but movie not good enough for the best movie.
     That simply leaves me down with 3 movies, now that's a tie-breaker situation. As far as imdb rating goes, the clear winner is District 9 it got 8.3 on imdb and ranked 117 in the top 250 movies, Hurt locker is 8 and Up in the Air is 7.9. But my choice, i really don't know, it's just boiled down to D9 and HL, now, if i ever got a chance to decide, i would give that to, i've put of a lot of thought into it, which is unusual  for me, it's District 9 and the only reason why it scores better than HL is that HL i lot slower than d9. Story-wise, hl is a little better than d9, bu it's D9. That's it for now will try to see "Precious Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire"(it's another nominee) before that ceremony starts.

Monday, March 1, 2010

A terror SQL joke

There is a reason why you type "commit" at the end of a SQL program, you know what?

It means once you "COMMIT" all your life ends just like the SQL program.
no no don't cry, this is my own invention i am I.T terror