Sunday, February 28, 2010

Why I hate the movie "Slumdog millionaire" and "Jai ho" Song

Why would anyone hate them, they have won Oscars in their categories already? That would be the obvious question, let me explain, many may think that i am insane, even my own bro does not agree with me in this, ok check it.
Slumdog is not at all a great movie, this a fact, Explanation:, it has a story which most probably won't occur in India at all, of course it did use a bit of real life incidents like the Mumbai's hindu-muslim riots,but jamal speaking in flawless english and using a call center computer with ease, that's extremely bad. The movie is filled with many other mistakes that which i don't remember right now, and moreover have we never seen a movie with a similar story line?, yes we have and that too about some 10 years back, and no oscar was given to them, and why was this movie given an oscar? maybe a white guy directed it, we Indians have already directed movies movies far better than slumdog, but they were ignored.
Jai Ho is not even one of the best of A.R.R songs, now this may vary from person to person, I did not like the song from the very beginning, i don't mean it is bad but it is surely not the best, and i wonder how Gulzar got the oscar for best lyrics when the selection panel probably did not even understand one line in the song.
And adding insult to injury the media went gung-ho about this movie while even Amithab Bachchan openly criticized the movie, i felt that only the screenplay of the movie was good apart from cinematography, music was good not the best and original screenplay did win an award which was fair, i wonder about the other awards and i don't have any idea about Resul Pookuty's award.
Performances, shit performance by Dev patil, others did a very good job, all kids were excellent, Freida Pinto needs a special mention, Irfan Khan, Anil Kapoor every one did a good job except Dev Patil who played the older Jamal in the movie.
I fell that had a movie like this had been made in hindi, it would have never even have become a hit and then it would have never found a way into the list of oscar nominations from India and the world would have never known a movie like this existed. So why were we so proud when ARR won the award?, it's just pure indirect insult to our culture, So why were we so proud when the movie won awards for direction and screenplay?, when the direction and screenplay was not done by an Indian, first of all why were so proud about this movie which is not at all Indian? The ultimate answer is that the MEDIA has duped us into believing that it was actually a good movie based on our culture. I don't know when the media will ever stop hyping unnecessary things.
I know that many would not agree with what i just wrote, but i'll end this post with a tinge of happiness that India's most favorite actor is on my side or rather i am on his side. Sorry if i was racial, but i couldn't find no better way to explain it.   

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sachin THE God.

     This is my 50th post and what a wonderful thing i got to write for this post, Sachin and his 200*, it's a Divine sent gift (i mean sachin when i say divine,God etc). I spent a fair bit of my life in one sadness, only one record not created or broken by the God, but i thought that the god is omnipotent and just for a him a record book could be created and just that one record would not matter at all. But i'll remember the 24th of February, celebrate this day as it is one of the most important day of the year apart from the 24th of April this is the day that broke an existing record and also create a new record that no living person has done(that's why he is the God). I stood up in adulation, tears rolled down(i don't know why it happened, but it surely did happen) and was paralyzed with admiration,passion or any other word in that dictionary for love for the God, there is completeness now, every mafa record is made by the God now, is there anyone out there to question any aspect of the God?, C'mon where are those who said that he's old for the game?, C'mon where are those who said he is not consistant?, C'mon where are those who said he can't bat fast?, C'mon where are those who uttered those blasphemous shit? and most importantly where is that coach and a wicketkeeper-batsmen and other mere-mortals who doubted his commitment?, Ya you got it, those have dug their heads into a ditch full of dog shit or they have understood their mistake and changed their stance from anti-god to devotees of the omni powerful.
     There was an sms after the record from a good friend of mine, he asked "I got a critical doubt now, will the God's 200 be considered as the 46th century or his first 200?", i never replied, i did not know the answer, but  all i knew was that God is great and only because of him these kinds of doubts could arise, all i can say is that, "I was an Atheist, but saw Sachin Tendulkar and realized how blind i was". One chance, i need to meet him or at least see him from a distance, i can go back and die happily!, what else is left?, i would have attained salvation, that's enough for my life.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Judaism and Islam

Ok i did not do a lot of research before this post so just don't get into the absolute correctness of what i write,
I got an sms the other day, which said,
Why Muslim girls want to marry Hindu men?
1.Freedom from Burkha.
2. Relief from 7-8 deliveries.
3. Clean shaved Husband.
4.Most important Uncut-Banana!!!
I don't know how funny it was, but i wanted to find about that banana thing,so i googled it, and i found somebody has already asked that question on yahoo answers, then i found that even jews have their banana's cut!.
Ok now the point is, that muslims say that prophet said it to them first, he gave 5 other hygiene rules like shaving underarms, trimming the mustache ( but can have big beard),blah blah, now the fun starts here, jews claim that all that was copied from their torah!!!!(they never get along well, i don't know the reason why), ok as far i know islam is 1400 years old and judaism 3000 years, now, which one is better to believe in?, yep you got it right, nothing.
Now that's a really good example to show how stupidly all the religious text's are linked up, bible and torah, torah and quran, quran and bible and other stupid books. While even simple logic could say a lot about the truth, people depend on these books and resort to all kinds of stupidity, wars , riots, terrorism, untouchabilty, etc, all kinds of shit happen due to religion, just imagine a world without religion, peace in punjab('83 hindu-muslim riots), a view of two tall towers from the banks of river hudson, most of riots might have never occurred, most social evils would have never even been thought of and many other good things might have happened. 
Now, i am not urging no one to become an atheist or making a direct insult on a particular religion or saying that your faith is stupid, all i want to say is, think, use that thing inside your skull a little more, i am an atheist already and i can proudly say that i became an atheist all by myself just by pure thinking, i always doubted and now i am sure of the truth. It's all left to you to decide what's good for you, but give it a thought.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Funny Cricket Cartoon's


                                                         Stupid Dhoni.                                                          

I love Cricinfo Page2.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Lola Rennt!

Ok this is my first post from any other browser other than chrome or firefox, am using opera now.
     Lola rennt!, was does that mean, well it's in german for lola run! literally, and a beautiful movie has been made on that title. This movie is also otherwise famously known as "Run Lola Run", and it's directed by Tom Twyker a german director, this is the first german movie i have ever seen, which makes german the 5th foreign language in which i have seen movie's. Ok many might have seen this movie already since it is so famous and hit theaters in '98, it's an absolute thriller with maverick screenplay and even more maniac story.
     Lola gets a phone call from her boyfriend Manni, crying he lost 100,000 marks(german currency) and he's got only 20 more mins left now(time is 11:40) to pay off or he would be killed by the person whom he owes that money and by 12, he would rob the supermarket near him and take the money to pay away the 100,000, so lola starts running thinking where to go, and she thinks it's better to go to her dad and then, the movie starts to blow you into pieces, from then on it's a masterpiece, very fast, very logical, and certainly very good.
     This movie is actually three different sets of stories or ways in which that 100,000 marks can be got, the movie stops after each instance of getting the money and again starts afresh and it ends the third time only.This is a very small movie approx 1 hour and 10 mins but very effective in telling the story. A must watch for thriller genre fans like me, currently rated 8 on imdb, surely going to be one of my most favorite movies of all time.Must Watch movie.Bye.

Monday, February 15, 2010


     Never heard a funnier rumor than this, very funny one, check it out.
     Adidas sports apparel, footwear company was actually started by Indians in the U.S. Two people Adithyan, Devadas started this company to earn a living long back, which is now known and very common brand.Rofl.
     So after hearing these absolutely silly rumors, i searched on the net and the truth is, Adidas is a german company started by adolf dassler, rudolf dassler. Jesse owens won 4 olympic medals wearing those shoes, which made them a rage instantly and it remains famous to date. Then after the world war-2 both the brothers separated then rudolf started Ruda which was later rechristened as Puma and adolf kept the original name and the factory. Reebok too is a part of adidas, so the major three sportswear brands belong to the same family. For more and detailed description google it or just use wikipedia.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Eden Gardens

     This ground is heaven for any Indian cricketer/fan, any day if anyone asks me to talk about a few test victories by India, i would without doubt mention 2001 Ind vs Aus among a few others, that test happened in the most beautiful eden gardens-Kolkatta , we were hopeless on day:3, following on, but the aussies did not know that if they have to capture the Indian fort, they have to demolish the strong Indian WALL guarded by a STYLISH HYDERABADI, then there were a few spinning arrows thrown at the them bya person know as the TURBONATOR, poor aussies it took lot of time to suppress the first two but then the arrows devastated more than half of their army.Scorecard.
     Eden gardens has magic, something a mortal can't interpret, present : series against S.A , status : we are 1 down in the two test match series, past : in 2001 we were one down to aus in that series, Similarity : A test match at Eden, Results : Won the series after winning that test, after have risen from the ashes like phoenixes, Present :End of day 1,sa 266 FOR 9........ Eden is showing it's magic, History is repeating itself the arrow-thrower is resurrected, the stylish hyderabadi's back, Wall has been re-built using chennai concrete(that's badri), the opening slayers are in murderous mood, the rapid spear throwers are spitting fire,every sign of a victory is imminent, we are going to win the match, we are going to remain the Number one.

Prison Break 5?

     I really don't know but there are a few people out there who say there might be another version of Prison Break, I don't know how they would bring scoefeild back to life in pb5 i.e if there is another season cos, without that character prison break is quite useless.There are a few videos on youtube and many links on google suggesting there might be another season, so if anyone gets a confirmed news, pleases let me know.

Sherlock Holmes by Guy Ritchie

     From the number of bald headed guys in Guy Ritchie movies, i deduce that he is bald himself too and since all his movies are based in London slums, i again deduce that he is from London himself.....Ha ha even i am a detective as good as Holmes.
     Just saw this movie, a few minutes ago in fact. This the only movie outside the legendary guy ritchie style of taking, but of course it's boring to see all other movies in the same style and so he tried this movie and did a fairly good job. The story contains almost all the famous holmes characters in the movie, including Irene Adler and Lestrade. This story is to find a person who practices black magic, he is caught and sentenced to death by hanging for practicing black magic and murdering five other women but resurrects from death mysteriously.
     That's it no more spoilers, the screenplay was fairly fast and regular unlike guy ritchie's style.Camera work and art is worth mention, here-and-there there were glimpses of the directors style, like a bare fist boxing match(snatch) and a little of the narrative style also. Watch it, a good movie, rated 7.6 presently on imdb.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hurt Locker

     Those guys, the oscar judges are a bit weird i think, i saw this movie yesterday, it's a good movie, but it's too slow. I think it's the american mind set, which is different from mine, Iraqi, Afgani war, i don't know them and i don't care about them, but maybe the american's may know about it cos, they have done those wars. The movie starts with the death of an american bomb squad person in Iraq and he's replaced with a new bomb technician, who's extremely reckless and don't care about his life. The story is about that bomb technician and his 3 member team, in which one gets injured just because of the bomb tech, and the third one is a be safe person. At the end of their rotation term , the be safe person goes home to marry and have children and does not want to return, but the reckless bomb tech feels Iraq needs more bomb techs and returns for a full one year term to Iraq leaving his wife and one year child.
     Good movie but as i said it's too slow and gory in some scenes, watchable movie, i just didn't have no emotional connect with that story. 

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Goa-Not really a senseless holiday

     Senseless holiday, that's how it was refered to, but i don't think it's a really senseless movie, of course it ain't so funny but the real-bad-don't-watch reviews were not the truth i saw this movie a few hours back at rohini multiplex, the theater was not really good either sound effects were bad and moreover a lot of scenes were a copy from many english movies, like hangover where those people go to vegas, these guys go to goa to have a good time and they later get into trouble and in a scene vaibhav gets allergy due to sea food (copied from hitch) and a beer drinking contest in the bar(copied from??? you guess). There are three special appearances in the movie prasanna, simbu, nayanthara.
     Initially jessica alba was approached to play a important role in the movie but she asked a large amount of money as fees, so they selected somebody else to play that role. Music of this movie was not great only one song, direction finds nothing nice to mention, camera work and certain special effects were good. Performance by sampath the famous villain as a soft speaking homosexual is very good, and others performances were also fine just about ok i have to say. This movie is nothing really to watch only if there is no other proper work to do, go for this movie( I had no proper work). Not really waste of money but a part of it.