Monday, February 15, 2010


     Never heard a funnier rumor than this, very funny one, check it out.
     Adidas sports apparel, footwear company was actually started by Indians in the U.S. Two people Adithyan, Devadas started this company to earn a living long back, which is now known and very common brand.Rofl.
     So after hearing these absolutely silly rumors, i searched on the net and the truth is, Adidas is a german company started by adolf dassler, rudolf dassler. Jesse owens won 4 olympic medals wearing those shoes, which made them a rage instantly and it remains famous to date. Then after the world war-2 both the brothers separated then rudolf started Ruda which was later rechristened as Puma and adolf kept the original name and the factory. Reebok too is a part of adidas, so the major three sportswear brands belong to the same family. For more and detailed description google it or just use wikipedia.

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