Monday, November 2, 2009

Prison Break is over

                At last it was over,i finished the last season about a week ago and it was heart break.In the final season it is intense action always running and planning and after all that the deadly thing happens,the lead Micheal Scofield sacrifices his own life to save his girlfriend's life who is pregnant with his child.I was always thinkin that the lead character is not he best actor in prison break but after that last episode i must give up that thought,damn ha acted so good in that episode,i was crest fallen for more than two days after i saw that episode after all the hard work he has to just give up his life that's exactly what i did not want to see as a ending for a serial like this.Still it is ok this prison break what don't expect only happens most often than not.
                I must saw this is the best tv serial i have ever seen in my life our Indian serials really suck,but they make good serials and almost all the episodes are good,even in movies every now and then there is a flop but i don't know how all the 81 episodes of prison break they managed to make each and every episode very interesting you could say never one flop episode.It is really different from here the taking is different each season has only about 20 episodes each shot before hand and then aired after the completion unlike here bad performances never ending insanely long stories,you lose track easily but not prison break.

                 By the way my fav actor in this serial is a character called T- Bag extremely psychotic killer no doubt he is the best. bye guys tc            

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