Sunday, October 17, 2010

Endhiran - My opinion.

     I always say this and i'll repeat it, i am not writing a review, this is my opinion and it can differ from yours.
OK i don't like director Shankar, i started hating Rajni in the recent past for he still shamelessly acts as hero, so obviously my opinion on this movie was never good, i went to this movie on the 5th day from it's release just to find out if it really stood up to the hungama created by the media.
     And bang-'off' target this movie was one of the worst I've ever seen, the hype was enough around this movie, people expected this movie to take Tamil cinema to a global level and this movie isn't even a proper sci-fi type, very bad graphics, i don't know how they spent so many crores and still gave such bad special-effects, absolutely idiotic. This movie never had logic and most of all the robot's had Rajni's face, whoa that was ridicules, these days youngsters can't bear one Rajni and they gave hundreds of them. Rajni clearly looked very old, close-up shots of rajni's face were unbearable especially his lips were so bad.
     But you got to give some credit to Rajni, his performance in the 2nd half as the "bad robot" was really good, the "black-sheep" scene and few other scenes were really great, as far as Shankar is concerned i don't know cos there are enough hollywood movies with similar concept while "I,Robot", "Bicentennial Man" are the closest but Shankar 'says' he created this story long before those hollywood movies actually released, so i really don't know if he be praised for his efforts.
     This movie was really bad in the fight sequences and the famous "mosquito mode" scene, c'mon Shankar that was worser than all vijay's movies put together. I didn't like the music either, i liked only arima arima because of the video and the bgm was excellent, especially the music when the titles were rolling. So bottomless it's an average south-indian movie.
     The Ultimate Bottomline.