Friday, September 10, 2010

CSK again

     Last time just before the IPL, i wrote a completely crazy post, and what happened? we won the cup, so i am going follow that 'tradition' of hyping the team before the tournament actually starts.
     We still have a captain who don't know to bat outside the sub-continent, but hey we have Hayden who's batting suits the bouncy South African pitches, evidently he did extremely well in the second season of IPL held there and very badly in IPL 3 held here, Raina's been good Kemp and Albie are playing in their home conditions, Badri can give us the needed stability and we have Mr.Cricket Hussey too, Vijay is a problem(maybe some numerology might help, he's got a bad name) so is Dhoni, bowlers! this is something we did not have in IPL 1 and 2, but this time we have that edge, the good bowling line-up one of the best in cl-2 i would say, R.Ashwin came from nowhere to become most economical and wicket-taking bowler in the second half of IPL 3 and since then bowling problems have gone down, Murali is the maestro, jakati can really help and Bollinger another plus gives good pace, other pacers are BAD(i mean balaji,goni,joginder sharma, tyagi) i hope that they don't even get to play one match, part timers like albie and kemp can handle it, fielding's always been good except for 2 absolute AS****** named balaji and Goni, the team and everything around is in real good shape unlike the last time when CSK found it's rhythm only in the second half and we fans had no real hope, so just go on rock SA guys we are supporting you, i think no need to hype as we are sure of the victory.