Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stupid Dhoni

These pics are for pure Dhoni haters like me!!!!
 I never knew cover drive could be played like this!

 Chest itch!!!

 I dare u to find at least 5 differences!!

 What the effing shot is this?

Exactly like a dog lifting it's leg to piss!


  1. Wow... Nice Entertainment by a Joker (Dhoni)..

    1. Dhoni Sux. He is a low life cricketer

  2. This guy and lot other now a days play for Money not for country or sport. When was the last time Dhoni's batting resulted in a match winning?

    He only made centuries and runs in the beginning of his career to get a place in Indian team. The last 10-15 matches, he has only crossed 30 a couple of times.