Sunday, January 30, 2011

Suresh Raina !?

     I don't get it why some people hate Suresh Raina, and i mean a certain section of cricket fans in general (is that an oxymoron?), so i thought of writing a small post on the pros and cons of this guy, first of all i like Suresh Raina, not like i am a fan of him but just like him.

  • Suresh Raina bats like sh*t on bouncy tracks, this is quite true, we saw how he batted in SA recently and even otherwise he has a reputation for playing like sh*t on leave bouncy tracks but short-pitched deliveries also,
  • What the f*ck did he do to deserve a place in the 11 for the first 30 odi matches he played?, as far i can remember he hit some match saving 70 odd runs in one of his first 5 matches and he went on for nearly 25 matches without scoring any useful runs,
  • Look at his technique! it resembles Dhoni's Neanderthal style in some shots, especially the big pull shots where he gives the spectators a free view of his abdominal area, yeah his batting looks sick and thats the most logical reason why he cant play the short ball properly.

  • He is a very good Fielder,
  • He has a great record in the sub-continent,
  • He is a handy part time bowler,
  • He is not an asshole like Appam (people also call him Sreeshanth) or has any weight/attitude problems like Yuvraj Singh,
  • He is already being groomed to become the next captain (Sachin (i.e God) knows how many they are training),
  • all other Sh*ts included
     Basically i perceive him as a good T20 and ODI player, but downright unfit for tests, he did score a century on debut but that was in SL, dusty flat tracks even Dhoni can hit a triple there, fielding he has always been great, bowling , i don't get it how he is even allowed to bowl, but it always seems to work, captaincy and sh*t like leadership skills i have no idea, overall watch out for him the WC.
   PS: Damn!, this post looks a 8 mark answer i write for my exams!


  1. Raina doez NOT bat like shit on bouncy tracks... he did make some valuable runs in the series...and dhoni dint get a triple on the track in Sri Lanka...he got 76...besides raina bats lower down the order....he has 2 go after d bowling jus like dhoni...rainas shots r way more elegant...c d latest helicopter shot of dhonis or rainas cover drives and u'll get d point...and u cant "pull" a ball without showin ur common sense!

  2. i can agree with you on other points, but their shots surely don't look elegant! they surely look so stupid, may be they are effective but surely not elegant, and what i meant about the pull is that it looks a little bit silly and by the way i love those pulls

  3. see!!!, dhoni cant play even in SL!!

  4. Raina is a promising talent... he didn't well in the recent series against SA but will sure be expected to bounce back... hope he learns from his mistakes... definitely he is a player to watch out for in WC...

    also, "God (i.e Sachin)..." is more apt than what you have written :)

  5. oh c'mpn yaar... WE all know that how elegant, capable and confident Raina is....
    he can bat under pressure so well!
    he is also an exceptional fielder 4 team india... one after mohammad kaif!

  6. Nice article .I like this so much . I am also a die hard fan SURESH RAINA and also CSK ...............