Monday, December 6, 2010

Dr.Vijay out of 3 rascals

     "Completely fictional, if you are a Dr.Vijay fan just don't read this"
     Well Dr.Vijay might have just saved the Indian film industry!!!!, Dr.Vijay had signed up the remake of 3 idiots movie, which if was done, could have ended up with sad and untimely demise of certain stars including the renowned stars such as Aamir Khan and Mahesh Babu out of mental trauma of being completely insulted by an ape(aka dr.vijay) performing in the their roles.
     Sources close to the project of 3 rascals inform that, Dr.shankar (director of endhiran, both got their honorary doctrate from the same university,same time, for the same money) had asked actor Dr.vijay to wipe off that ape like look off his face and get his hair properly done, to which Dr.vijay apparently replied "I am what i am!, how do you expect me to behave like a human, i have never done that before!!", which angered the director who didn't take caution in selecting the proper star-cast for his remake, Dr.vijay apparently further stated that he is acting in a remake of a PC game and he couldn't change his ape-look since the continuity of that movie would be shot in the head, and sources also indicate that Jeyam.Raja who is venturing into remakes of PC games after a flurry of telugu remakes, had said that he was fascinated by the look which Dr.vijay has donned for about a decade now, "man!! , he is very much like me, we both copy telugu movies!!, i suggested his new hair-style" raja quipped.
     In related news when sources contacted Aamir khan and inquired how he feels about Dr.vijay playing the role of Rancho, he reportedly gave this stare at our source which said it all, the same source traveled south to the state of Andhra Pradesh and asked Mahesh Babu how he fells to work with the "next super-star" of tamil cinema in 3 Rascals to which he instantly gave this look, and Allu Arjun who was nearby gave this look.
     As the ouster of Dr.vijay is not yet confirmed but the news has been largely welcomed by normal citizens who now can be sure that they need not see one of the greatest movie ever made in a destroyed form. An angry citizen said "I'd prefer watching Sam Anderson's stepnee movie instead of watching that f***face destroying one of my fav movie", but rumors are still rumors people have to wait see.!!!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010


The totem ain't falling!!!!! 
     The number of movies i watch per month is nearly exorbitant, and sometimes many great movies, don't impress me, but those i like, just refuse to get out of my memory, diwali was 15 days ago when i watched nearly 8 movies in a 2 and a half days time, i wanted to watch as many movies as possible cos my exams were starting i wanted to study.(lmao)
     Many movies are great but only few stuck to my thoughts, like fight club, v for vendetta, city of god etc, Inception is the newest one on the list, it just blew me away, Nolan is a superb director and i've seen mememto, the prestige, insomania, following etc and Di caprio, he is like god to me, so the expectation from me was extremely high, and boy did they deliver!.
     The movie starts inside a dream, first 20 minutes i was going crazy cos i couldn't understand the plot, but as i started to comprehend it was extremely good, the real USP of this movie is the climax, i was almost gasping for breath at the end of the movie, never seen a better ending in a movie.
     As expected Di caprio was excellent playing the role of cobb, an extractor of dreams, Di caprio has some kind of ability to bring out the best for any role, Nolan is an unbelievable director, i think his last 5 movie are in the list of  250 best movies list on imdb, the only drawback is that you have to focus to understand this movie, that ain't a drawback but i think the effect of the ongoing exams is showing up.
Bottomline: Just watch this movie, you'll be blown away as i was. 9.5/10.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why am I an Atheist?

     I am an atheist and always will be one, but why am i an atheist ?, a lot of people think being an atheist are weird and dangerous, OK that's their belief which doesn't affect me, many other atheists whom i have met ever (which is not a lot) have turned atheists at a certain point of time in their lives, but me, i think i was born that way, with the craving of proof to believe anything, deeply seeded into me, like inception, this idea of wanting proof stuck into subconscious.
     I am a kind of person who wants logic in everything, when i watch a movie, i want that movie to be perfect without any factual errors, once i find a small mistake in the plot, which i always do, i lose interest in the whole movie, i think this aspect of me explains the most about a person who i am. According to me, all the religions are just a fairytale, there is no logic in any religion and moreover all the religions are based in the geographical regions they are most prevalent today, christianity in Europe and America, islam in the middle east, hindhusim in Indian sub-continent, etc, the point is that, all religions have the common belief that "god" is creator of the universe and etc,etc then why is that religion famous only in that specific region ?, "god" had the power to create the universe, but he hadn't enough power to spread his "truth" to all parts of the same universe?, that sounds real silly!!, and people defend this by saying other religions are the work of the devil !!!! but that's of course is the worst-case scenario, to me people "talking-in-tongues" or getting "revelations" from god is a mental disorder called "schizophrenia", "holy"-books are the work of a great fiction writer who has some knowledge about his surroundings, miracles are co-incidents and superstitions are shit.
     Many religious people think that advancement in technology ruined the god in people, tv, internet,education and even metal music ruined the spiritual-side of a person, according to most of them religion makes a man self-disciplined, good natured and etc...... that's really funny!, i once saw a quote somewhere which went something like this "how good is a deed done in the fear of god rather than self belief ?", in fact i feel atheists are more disciplined, cos if you do some thing wrong, a religious guy makes a confession or drops some money in the hundi and surprise! surprise!! all yours sins have been washed away!, but for an atheist his conscious will kill him.
     Many people turn into atheists, due to various reasons, death of a person, huge financial losses, internet or reading books of various atheists etc, but not me, i didn't turn into an atheist. Even Periyar was a theist until a certain incident of insult happened to him, but not me, i never learned it from anyone, i was an atheist as early as 10 years of age.
     Religion is basically a waste of money, time and mental peace, trying to find things for yourself rather than blindly believing in someone can give a lot of peace, for once, Mahatma Gandhi said "It is better to be violent, if there is violence in our hearts, than to put on the cloak of nonviolence to cover impotence", he said to his followers that to be a non-violent person he/she needn't be a gandhi follower but the essence of non-violence must be in your hearts, he wanted his people to challenge conventions rather that meekly accepting the British raj , all i want to say is the same thing just challenge everything and discover rather than believing in fairy tales told to you.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Endhiran - My opinion.

     I always say this and i'll repeat it, i am not writing a review, this is my opinion and it can differ from yours.
OK i don't like director Shankar, i started hating Rajni in the recent past for he still shamelessly acts as hero, so obviously my opinion on this movie was never good, i went to this movie on the 5th day from it's release just to find out if it really stood up to the hungama created by the media.
     And bang-'off' target this movie was one of the worst I've ever seen, the hype was enough around this movie, people expected this movie to take Tamil cinema to a global level and this movie isn't even a proper sci-fi type, very bad graphics, i don't know how they spent so many crores and still gave such bad special-effects, absolutely idiotic. This movie never had logic and most of all the robot's had Rajni's face, whoa that was ridicules, these days youngsters can't bear one Rajni and they gave hundreds of them. Rajni clearly looked very old, close-up shots of rajni's face were unbearable especially his lips were so bad.
     But you got to give some credit to Rajni, his performance in the 2nd half as the "bad robot" was really good, the "black-sheep" scene and few other scenes were really great, as far as Shankar is concerned i don't know cos there are enough hollywood movies with similar concept while "I,Robot", "Bicentennial Man" are the closest but Shankar 'says' he created this story long before those hollywood movies actually released, so i really don't know if he be praised for his efforts.
     This movie was really bad in the fight sequences and the famous "mosquito mode" scene, c'mon Shankar that was worser than all vijay's movies put together. I didn't like the music either, i liked only arima arima because of the video and the bgm was excellent, especially the music when the titles were rolling. So bottomless it's an average south-indian movie.
     The Ultimate Bottomline.

Friday, September 10, 2010

CSK again

     Last time just before the IPL, i wrote a completely crazy post, and what happened? we won the cup, so i am going follow that 'tradition' of hyping the team before the tournament actually starts.
     We still have a captain who don't know to bat outside the sub-continent, but hey we have Hayden who's batting suits the bouncy South African pitches, evidently he did extremely well in the second season of IPL held there and very badly in IPL 3 held here, Raina's been good Kemp and Albie are playing in their home conditions, Badri can give us the needed stability and we have Mr.Cricket Hussey too, Vijay is a problem(maybe some numerology might help, he's got a bad name) so is Dhoni, bowlers! this is something we did not have in IPL 1 and 2, but this time we have that edge, the good bowling line-up one of the best in cl-2 i would say, R.Ashwin came from nowhere to become most economical and wicket-taking bowler in the second half of IPL 3 and since then bowling problems have gone down, Murali is the maestro, jakati can really help and Bollinger another plus gives good pace, other pacers are BAD(i mean balaji,goni,joginder sharma, tyagi) i hope that they don't even get to play one match, part timers like albie and kemp can handle it, fielding's always been good except for 2 absolute AS****** named balaji and Goni, the team and everything around is in real good shape unlike the last time when CSK found it's rhythm only in the second half and we fans had no real hope, so just go on rock SA guys we are supporting you, i think no need to hype as we are sure of the victory.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Anil Kumble: The true legend.

The Ultimate reason why one can be his fan.
     When I was a kid, without much knowledge of cricket, when someone asked who is your favorite cricketer i would say 3 names, sachin, kumble, ajay jadeja, i have no idea why, but i would, as i grew ajay jadeja faded away with some match-fixing scandals, everyone knows Sachin is the god but kumble remained underrated, if anyone asks me today who are role models in life i am sure i'll mention the humble Sachin and the gentleman Kumble among the few others.
     Kumble is a legend, he is the perfect example for determination and controlled aggression(which many lack these days aka sreeshanth, yuvi, etc). Kumble's attitude is the ultimate i feel, and that attitude can win many hearts like mine, for me cricket is not just a game, it's a teacher of many life qualities and lessons and one can learn many from Kumble's games. Determination, whenever i hear this word, the first name that comes to my mind is "Anil Kumble", anybody else with such a bowling action as his wouldn't have lasted for more than a series or two, but kumble survived for 132 tests and took 619 wickets highest by any Indian and also considered as one of the best modern day spinners, his action gave him no spin but bounce and pace, what made him unique was the aggression with which he bowled, those expressions of anger after taking a wicket, the pleading to bowl one more over again and again even after being thrashed by the bowler, he was titanium-strong mentally, he had a hunger for competition like no other. It was like if he was bowling he was giving more than a 100 percent every time.
     I did not see the famous 2002 India vs West Indies match where he played on with a broken jaw and took Brain Lara's wicket, but i've heard a lot about that match and seen a few videos, but that alone doesn't show his greatness, many other minor incidents were the reason for me liking him so much, he was a perfect gentleman, he had no controversy ever until the sydney '08 incident occurred, he was extremely aggressive on the field and off it he was gentleman, the ultimate qualities of a legend.
     This article by Harsha Bhogle triggered me to write this much delayed post and i am really satisfied i wrote this.  

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Vijay is an actor!!!!LOL

This guy is a funny bloke.I taken this photo from someone's fb profile.


     This is surely not a review, but my opinion, i saw this move some 2 weeks back and it was released a month a half back and since i can't it out of my mind. I am like an addict to watching movies, i see 4 to 5 movies per week(of course on my computer), and sometimes even movies in languages i don't understand(english sub's) and they are generally very highly rated on imdb, but this movie stands strikingly amongst all the movies i've seen recently, this is period movie based in the old day chennai, and it's a beautiful love story, arya as always tries to work for performance based scripts like this and it works for him, this movie wasn't expected to make waves or anything at all, hence it had an average opening but within the 2nd week the word spread and theaters filled up, this is the movie for every class, it just amazed me, that a tamil movie, a period movie could become a hit and still be critically acclaimed, the scenes in which wrestling or 'kusthi' fights occur, they were something different, i don't know what to write on this movie any further, cos it's beyond words, must watch and you have no reason to live if you are a from chennai and you still have not seen this movie.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

An Incident

     I just felt like writing a post on this incident, i don't know what to label this as, atheism or something else, but it's also going to be about the silliness of engineering colleges.
     It was friday 16th july 2010, 8 am, i was in college sitting in my class room, waiting for classes to commence, at 8 there is an usual morning prayer to which everyone 'must' stand wherever they are, if they are walking in the corridor they must stop walking and stand, even if they are somewhere inside the campus(which is not very big), they must stop doing their work and pray, there are loud speakers on the exterior walls(no intercom speakers, great infra-structure) so that everyone hears the prayer, my college is an christian institution so obviously they only do a christian prayer, they don't care if the person who 'must' stand is a muslim or a hindu or an Atheist like me or belonging to any other religion and forces them pray their prayer. This is a college and prayer is compulsory like for a primary school kid. So i thought  who the hell are they to decide whether i have to pray or not and did not stand up for prayer and continued doing my work, the lecturer for the first hour spotted 2 other girls me and another one sitting, she is a religious person and i don't blame her, she got angry like a primary school teacher, she sent those 2 girls to meet with the H.o.D and were asked to write an apology letter for not doing the prayer, punished not exactly like in primary schools but as stupid. The lecturer asked me why i was not standing, i said i did not want to pray, she was like shell-shocked to hear that, but she continued her work just after muttering a little 'good' advice. I did not care but after her hour, when i was in the next class, i was called for by the H.o.D, she had complained and maybe the H.o.D thought that was bad behaviored and he needed to talk to me like in primary schools, i went there to his staff room where all of my I.T department staff had their seats, H.o.D is a soft-speaking good person who also teaches well, he asked "what happened today morning sir?", i said i did not stand for prayer, "why?" i did not want to pray, "why, why? what your problem, when all others can , are you trying to be a role model? why you thought it's not good to do a christian prayer huh?", i said , no sir i am an Atheist so i did not want to pray and i was not trying to be role model, i thought i can decide personally, he said "then you do one thing join "va@#$%b"(i did not hear what he said) college that Periyar college know, join that", i got positively excited when he said cos, everyone in my college in some capacity wants to join some other college or at least secretly desires so, then he said "ok first take paper and write a letter why you did that", i took the paper and happily went out the room, for a minute i felt proud, and wrote a letter, i wrote on lines of you have no right to ask me to pray, i did not do anything wrong, according to my policies praying is wrong and i won't regret doing these and these kind of things, and i gave it to him and stood there while he read my 15 line letter, he took time and said , "ok go, go and attend class", i came back.
     I don't know what had happened after i came from the room, but H.o.D came to the classes with that letter in the hand stood outside for a few secs and went back to his room, then in 4th hour which is hour of the class in-charge of my class 3rd year I.T 'B' section, she came made us stand for a while and then she started addressing the class saying she never thought we would be like this, not looking into my eyes, but i was staring at her, really wanted to know what her reaction would be like cos, she also was a religious person, then she said that don't act like what others have taught you, don't imitate them blindly(ya i don't i prefer logic and reasoning), you are just small children(oh ya 20 year old children, enough to produce children) and inexperienced to take decisions, somebody asked her why are you talking about this topic suddenly, she said "chumma i finished my portions", then suddenly she said she cried many times after joining this college(that one is common to students and lectures too i thought) and then she shed a few tears and asked "how many are absent today?" 18 was the answer, so everyone thought she felt hurt for so many bunked classes on fridays, she said no other department has such record, she was wrong in the C.S.E department 21 were absent, and it was for my reaction to the morning prayer she shed those tears, or i felt so.
      For the evening prayer i stood though, cos my class in-charge was passing by and i did not want to make her cry another time, she is on of the very few lectures in our college who had some some knowledge of what they were lecturing and was an excellent teacher. People join my college as lectures in their very early carrier just to gain some experience and leave for better colleges after they have gained the so called experience, they normally lack knowledge of the subject and don't teach well. As far as i am concerned i don't know if i'll stand up for these stupid prayers here after. This is Loyola Institute of Technology my stupid college.That pic below looks very similar to what i feel when ever i was forced to pray.

Sundogs spotted in Chennai.

     A friend wrote in his blog that these ring formations around the sun are called as Sun dogs, occurred in chennai, 11th july 2010 at about 11 to 12, for more info on sun dogs go to this link. Photos taken from a 2mp mobile cam atop my house.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Shutter Island

     Thanks to piracy i was able to watch this movie, this is not a review it's just my opinion. Shutter Island is a  very good movie according to me, directed by Martin Scorcese this movie lived up to the hype that it created after it's official american release, normally the hollywood movies are not very fast the suspense movies i mean, there is some part of the movie which will get too boring yet meaningful but this movie somehow managed to keep you in that mood and yet was logical, there are enough twist in the plot to keep you hooked, this kind of a narrative style resembles "Fight Club" which almost never allows you to doubt the hallucinated person, one thinks that character is real almost till the climax. Di Caprio as always did a fine job his role is of an U.S Marshall and then of an schizophrenic ex-U.S marshall.

     There is a significant part of the movie where Di Caprio seem to get hallucinations of his wife and a small girl, these scenes looked really good, a strange feeling creeps through during these scenes, unlike in "Fight Club" where "mayhem" is caused late after the lead starts to hallucinate, here the lead hallucinates only because of previous emotional issues with his wife. This mental disorder schizophrenia is an amazing thing have seen a similar movie recently, similar in the sense of mental disorder concept nothing else though , the movie is "Karthick Calling Karthick" that was also pirated and very thrilling feel-good movie.Then another movie with a similar concept is "Donnie darko" and somebody please explain that movie to me.   

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Height of Fanaticism

     I have nothing personal against that guy. I have an uncle who is a fan of a telugu actor Akkeneni Nageshwar Rao, so he automatically became a fan of his son Nagarjuna and his son Naga Chaithanya and also automatically hates Venkatesh and his family (some family problems between the two stars). A few days back i was outside with the uncle in his shop, somebody asked him what movie's he has seen recently and his plans for the newly released movie's he said he saw most of the movies running and was particularly NOT interested in watching Vedam (the only proper movie, but that's his taste i respect it), he said pointing to the poster of vedam "Those two guys on the poster, roam on trees, i don't watch their movie's"( for aussies: that ain't racial vilification mates), those two guys were Allu Arjun, nephew of Chiranjeevi and Manchu Manoj son of Mohan Babu.
     Extreme fanaticism leads to some stupidity, a few days prior to the quoted statement, he said "Yem Maya Chesave (telugu version of Vinnay thandi Varuvaya) showed all the power of naga chaithanya", now look at that guy, naga chaithanya is one of the ugliest looking actor, or at least compare him with the other two guys, he surely is uglier than both, this guy NC when he opens his mouth the trouble starts, he looks are fairly ok if his mouth is closed but if it is opened wtf, my first impression was that he looked like a gorilla, from what I've seen his dialog delivery is bad, his acting i don't know i saw only a few scenes, dance was ok, looks devastatingly ugly, he walks like he has a hunch, comparing other guys both actors tell dialogs with grace especially AA he has a unique style, acting both are good MM's acting was good in Vedam, dance AA's special attribute is dance any person will be amazed looking at dance absolutely amazing dancer (vijay copies his step's and get's the credit for doing an "original" step), MM is an good dancer, looks both are not very handsome but not ugly by the first impression, AA is lot better than the two others in the looks department.
     If the other 2 guys can be monkeys NC should be a gorrila, ok let me end this post i am not trying to make  NC look ugly, i don't care how he looks but i was just showing the height of fanaticism.    

Thursday, June 10, 2010


     I've been to my native Andhra pradesh recently and got to watch two telugu movies, now this is kind of weird cos the movie i liked very much is a commercial flop and the movie a hated all the way is a hit, talks a lot about telugu movie standards.

     SIMHA: This was a movie which i never wanted to go, cos i always knew the actor above is as bad as vijay, but i did go cos i was told it was a good movie, wtf? good? i must use this occasion to congratulate vijay as i'll not be saying anything good about him later, vijay you are lot better that stupid bala krishna, absolutely stupid movie was simha all the movie there were nothing but outrageous, non-sense fight sequences  in the opening fight sequence he beats about 7-10 men with one hand in the pocket!!!!, vijay even you could have never done that man, and heroines, there were 3 of them Namitha, Sneha Ullal, Nayanthara, of which only nayanthara had a little proper role, sneha looked like balayya's daughter and Namitha like big fat pig, both with no significant role, absolutely stupid movie, but that's the way it is mass audience want such movie, without a story, meaning less glamour, and absolutely no logic.
     But this Bala Krishna as a person i find one of the most jovial kind of person, there is a cricket tournament coming up for cinema actors and i see him very actively participating and being funny and etc just one good thing about him.

     VEDAM: Directed by Radha krishna, this is a masterpiece of a movie, but unfortunately i don't know if this movie will be a hit commercially, the director previously made a masterpiece called "Gamyam" which is based on the italian movie "Motorcycle diaries" and he returns now to make vedam which was released on june 4th and i watched on 5th, the story is complicated which is exactly what i liked about the movie, there are 5 stories which run simultaneously, screenplay was excellently done like the kind of screenplay in "The Prestige" where the scenes make very little sense until late in the movie. Manchu Manoj generally considered as a talentless fool outside played the role of a rock star from benguluru and one of his troop member is Lekha Washington, the former SS music vj, Allu Arjun the stylish star played the role of educated slum dweller "Cable Raju", Manoj Bajpai plays the role of a muslim who is affected by the religious clashes that take place in hyderabad, then the story of a villager who sells his kidney to pay up the money he borrowed played by Naggayya and Saranya, then there is what you are waiting for ANUSKHA plays the role of Saroja a prostitute who run away from her brothel looking for greener pastures, no unwanted exposure of glamour here even the role of a prostitute has been done without any hungama.
      This a movie had it been made in hollywood it would have easily got nominated for oscars but it is a telugu movie so don't dream, won't even get nominated as a best movie from India, music was good and very meaningful, camera work was good story is very good, screenplay excellent, Must watch for anyone, climax was excellent.
     But i don't think this might become a commercial hit cos there is nothing the mass audience want, but excellent work by the director there is surely a set, generally termed as A-center audience who'll like the movie.  

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Don't know what to name this.

     I was not able blog for a long time now, i had my exams(doesn't necessarily mean that i utilized all that time to study) and then my bro's exams and then a few relatives at home kept me out of blogging for some time, in two days i have to leave for my native too, so for another ten days no other post most probably, i wanted to write a lot about how proud and happy i was to see CSK lift the IPL trophy, got a few ideas on Atheism and many other things too but was able to write, to top that all i use BSNL internet connection which like went off 3-4 times while i was typing this so whenever i get time and loneliness to write a post the internet connection is down(i don't like people peeping over my shoulders when i am writing a post), but i had enough time to watch a lot of movies, of the movies i saw recently i liked gran torino, the prestige, breach, world's fastest indian, insomnia, eastern promises, iron man, luck by chance, JHONNY GADDAR,parugu and etc were good, i don't remember i would add 3 or 4 more but i don't remember all the movies i saw, then there was enough cricket tamasha happening around eyepeeyell on twitter was really cool, then the wc ouster, the way dhoni commented on pulling was all funny, good entertainment though, FB is a thing which made blog a little less,kinda getting addicted to fb, so that's it from me for now bye.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Periyar E-book Links

I have found a link for the Tamil version of Periyar's work, who is also atheist, social activist, many might think a person who does not believe in god can never do a good thing in his life, now a slap on their face is Periyar. I still don't read tamil but this link might help those who read tamil.

Both links have the same content use the other one if one does not work.

Atheism for our culture and more

This is not my original work at all, check this link,,
 I found this link recently, it consists of 13 pdf format e-books on atheism, here is the index of that link,
  1. 4447669-Riddles-in-Hinduism-by-B-R-Ambedkar
  2. 4931804-Concept-of-God-in-Major-World-Religions-Dr-Zakir-Naik
  3. 6964575-The-Ramans-BooksGeneral-Knowledge
  4. 7165768-Annihilation-of-Caste
  5. 7250832-Manu-1
  6. 8244370-Caste-in-India-by-DRBRAmbedkar
  7. 10322629-In-Defense-of-Atheism
  8. 14371687-Manu-Smriti-English-with-extracts-from-8-commentaries-
  9. 16634512-Buddha-and-His-Dhamma-by-B-R-Ambedkar-Full
  10. Christopher Hitchens - God is not Great
  11. Harris, Sam - The End of Faith
  12. Richard.Dawkins.-.The.God.Delusion
  13. Selected_Works_of_Dr_Ambedkar.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Vinnai thaandi varuvaya

     I made an effort to go to Royapuram from Ponnamali to watch this movie at Idream cinemas, and indeed also made an effort to watch the movie, a few days ago an sms was floating around which said that only a person who does not know one bit about love would say " Enna miru padam da idhu?"(what a stupid movie is this?), this movie was clearly advertised more than it required, i don't mean the movie is very bad, no not that, but it ain't Gautham Menon's best movie either.
     This movie is a love failure story, some random fool said it was a copy of the english movie "500 Days of Summer" but it is not, in this movie, Simbu acts as Kartick an engineering grad who wants to become a movie director and Trisha is a M.C.A grad working in a software company, he is one year younger than she, he is hindu she is malayali christian, nothing seems to favour love between the both, but then fall in love, but her dad wants her to marry only a christian and a person with a "proper" job, at one point when she asks him to take her somewhere and marry her he refuses as he is in goa shooting for a movie as crew member, then love breaks and story goes on, no more spoilers.
     Gautham Menon stereotypes his characters and that was the major reason for my irritation, his style was clearly evident in the movie,hero's parents are always building a new house, heroine has either studied math in college or computers, in this movie both math and computers, heroine mostly appears in formal saree's, they are tall and slow-talkers, let me put it in one small line, Trisha make-up looked strikingly similar to Jo's in Khakke-Khakke and Asin's in Gharshana (telugu version on KK), and there were many other similarities(which don't come to my mind as i type this) which made the movie look a little bit not-new.
      Music is always a plus for Gautham's movies, but this movie's music got mixed reviews, a few liked it very much, to the extent that they sang that "Hosanna" song literally a million times by now and a few did not like it that much and i was the extreme kind who hated the music, for me only hossana was a bit bearably others were terrible, i am no one to comment on ARR's music, he is the maestro but i am not a fan of slow melodies, for me music must be loud and fast, but the bgm themes were excellent i felt, one theme starts like the sound which comes from the snake charmers instrument, or i don't know what it is and then it goes on with a lot of drumming i liked that very much but unfortunately the themes for the movie were not released with the audio.
     Performances in the movie were good, Trisha particularly acted superbly i felt, always when she was walking i felt her walk was funny, which was later used in the movie when simbu says to her that her walk was funny, that line really surprised me, Simbu did not do his normal over-acting, sappa scene putting, mockai dancing role, but he acted properly and most importantly no reference to TR, this is Gautham's movie everything else was perfect except for the story, dialog "it's like a way ticket to the heart break city" was innovative and that's it i remember of that movie, after all it's not a "Prison Break" to remember till death.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

CSk for life

Dear Red. If you're reading this, 
  you've gotten out. And if you've 
  come this far, maybe you're willing 
  to come a little further. You 
  remember the name of the town, 
  don't you? I could use a good man 
  to help me get my project on 
  wheels. I'll keep an eye out for 
  you and the chessboard ready. 
  Remember, Red. Hope is a good 
  thing, maybe the best of things, 
  and no good thing ever dies. I will 
  be hoping that this letter finds 
  you, and finds you well. Your 
  friend. Andy.
Now why did i post this dialog from "The Shawshank Redemption"?, let me explain it, might sound silly, but it is something to me, last week or so i was reeling in pain, not able to think anything, do my things properly, get angry on small things, i was in extreme frustration, CSK has lost 4 matches in a row and looking in very bad shape to qualify for the semi's, people started ridiculing the team, sms's were passed over to add salt to already salty soup, i knew that my team would rise up from the defeat and show to the world what csk is made of, i held my hope, i always had a lot of hope on csk, and maybe that was a good thing and it never died, never even fainted for a second, and now the result speaks, many of those wagging mouths have already shut up, i don't know what a csk fan is or a sports fan is when he can't stand-by his team through thin's of the team's carrier, i was never like that, hope is the best of things, and i'll remain with hope always.
CSK for life......

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dev D

     I have seen a few movies this week, which include two oscar nominee movies "Precious","The Blind Side" and the "The Departed","Dev D", among which those last two stood out, while the departed was a crime and thriller genre movie, Dev D was one of it's kind drug and other real life incidents based movie.
      The Departed was good but Dev D was excellent, people might wonder how people watch these kinda movies, but i like them, i have seen movies on drug abuse, prostitution etc etc before in the likes of "The Basketball diaries", "Requiem For a Dream", "Fight Club" etc there are a lot more which i don't remember presently, all of them were excellent movies and DD is surely one of the best, it was very original when compared to other Indian movies which easily copy the screenplay, story and music, this movie stands out in that aspect and even better than a hollywood movie. The style maybe slightly inspired but not like a straight copy at all.
     This movie mainly is about three characters Dev, Paro ,Chanda/Leni. Dev is spoiled young man, who returns from London for his bro's wedding and wants to marry his childhood lover Paro, but he hears rumors of she having an sexual affair with someone and Dev insults her, Paro loves him but after the insult she moves on and marries another person, later Dev realizes that the rumors are false, but it's too late, Paro settles in Delhi with her husband, Dev has a hotel in Delhi, he starts getting addicted to drugs and drinking, here Chanda comes in she is a teen who gets caught in a mms scandal, then her dad commits suicide, mom leaves her, she then comes to delhi and works as a prostitute by night and goes to college in the day and then the story goes on, i can't write it completely.
     This movie has every thing, excellent direction, screenplay, cinematography, music , very good performances especially Kalki (Leni/Chanda) but the movie lacks a little bit of logic, like paro having good internet access, there is a lot of sex involved and in the first half they always seem to be doing it without getting caught, good english spoken like a lot of slum dwellers, people wearing hats,glasses etc inside an Indian slum,elvis presly styled wedding singers. But this movie is not that bad either, in fact other than those little  logical errors it's an exceptional movie, with the music fitted the way it was fitted it's just excellent, and this movie was not even selected for oscars list from India, if it was it might have stood a great chance cos it's like one of their movies with a good Indian touch. It deals a lot with female sexual desires and how they are suppressed in our culture, Music was really really excellent i think i mentioned music twice earlier in this post but it needs that mention cos it was so good and the actress Kalki was again really good, she is an indo-french from pondy so she knows french, tamil, english fluently and she speaks too in all those languages in the movie!, she apparently learned Hindi for this movie(ha ha, truely south indian).
BOTTOMLESS: Must watch, few might never understand it but a really good movie some even call it a devdas satire.     

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chennai Super Kings

     Shit, i don't know what's wrong with our team franchise, first they give a yellow color jersey, people say manja color banian(yellow, yellow dirty fellow with a captain buffalo), kothanaru podaru banian (masons wear a similar yellow color vest and do their work), Kak*** color da adhu (no expalination). Then they select a buffalo as the captain with no proper bowling attack, then they create a unbearable team song, then they buy cheap cheer leaders, then they make vijay the team what not?
     I am tired of explaining all the geth our dress colour, and i don't support the captain but i back all the stupid player, then i say, this is the best team this is MY team, and saying vijay is removed now's sivamani.
     What for? Tomorrow is IPL, I don't see any fever out there, saturday is our first match, no proper advertising on tv or internet or even newspapers, KKR the most stupidest IPL team is also doing some advertising, what are we doing? We got enough negative publicity already with a buffalo playing for the team and a pig ambassadoring the team I don't know what's my purpose as a fan, I don't know why i am a fan of such a stupid team.
     But wait,This is MY team what if those assholes don't publicize MY team, I will be a fan for life. MY team WILL win the tournament this time, this time no semi final finish and stuff, winners is the only finish we are going to see this time. My team has the best batting line up, now come and face my team and you are only getting to be humiliated by boundaries flying outside the ground, come saturday it's gonna be mayhem on the field, it's gonna seem like there is reverse gravity effect when MY team bat, balls gonna get ripped apart, and getting lost every few overs, such is the bashing gonna be, every other team out there is going to think "shit guys we've been cheated, they are using black magic" such is the effect going to be, it would be just like the Kings have arrived but wait, we are the Superkings, Beware others out there, the Superkings are on the prowl.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscar's '10

     Ok i've seen 5 movies out of the 10 movies selected, by the time this post is posted, it would be 9 hours to go for the ceremony. The 5 movies i've seen are "Hurt Locker, Inglorious Bastards,Up in the Air,District 9,Avatar". I watch movies so differently and i have a very awkward taste in anything, be it movies or other stuff, ok coming to the point, if only those 5 movies were selected for the oscar's and if and only if i was given a chance to select the best of those movie's, i would first reject "Avatar" and "Inglorious Bastards" out of contention, Avatar is pathetic apart from the special effects, it has story of a Vijaykanth movie but it's not that bad though, i just mean it can't be selected for the best movie.IB i think that good either, Tarantino might have already called this his masterpiece but it ain't, it has a very strong performance by Christoph Waltz, hope he wins that oscar for best supporting actor, but movie not good enough for the best movie.
     That simply leaves me down with 3 movies, now that's a tie-breaker situation. As far as imdb rating goes, the clear winner is District 9 it got 8.3 on imdb and ranked 117 in the top 250 movies, Hurt locker is 8 and Up in the Air is 7.9. But my choice, i really don't know, it's just boiled down to D9 and HL, now, if i ever got a chance to decide, i would give that to, i've put of a lot of thought into it, which is unusual  for me, it's District 9 and the only reason why it scores better than HL is that HL i lot slower than d9. Story-wise, hl is a little better than d9, bu it's D9. That's it for now will try to see "Precious Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire"(it's another nominee) before that ceremony starts.

Monday, March 1, 2010

A terror SQL joke

There is a reason why you type "commit" at the end of a SQL program, you know what?

It means once you "COMMIT" all your life ends just like the SQL program.
no no don't cry, this is my own invention i am I.T terror

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Why I hate the movie "Slumdog millionaire" and "Jai ho" Song

Why would anyone hate them, they have won Oscars in their categories already? That would be the obvious question, let me explain, many may think that i am insane, even my own bro does not agree with me in this, ok check it.
Slumdog is not at all a great movie, this a fact, Explanation:, it has a story which most probably won't occur in India at all, of course it did use a bit of real life incidents like the Mumbai's hindu-muslim riots,but jamal speaking in flawless english and using a call center computer with ease, that's extremely bad. The movie is filled with many other mistakes that which i don't remember right now, and moreover have we never seen a movie with a similar story line?, yes we have and that too about some 10 years back, and no oscar was given to them, and why was this movie given an oscar? maybe a white guy directed it, we Indians have already directed movies movies far better than slumdog, but they were ignored.
Jai Ho is not even one of the best of A.R.R songs, now this may vary from person to person, I did not like the song from the very beginning, i don't mean it is bad but it is surely not the best, and i wonder how Gulzar got the oscar for best lyrics when the selection panel probably did not even understand one line in the song.
And adding insult to injury the media went gung-ho about this movie while even Amithab Bachchan openly criticized the movie, i felt that only the screenplay of the movie was good apart from cinematography, music was good not the best and original screenplay did win an award which was fair, i wonder about the other awards and i don't have any idea about Resul Pookuty's award.
Performances, shit performance by Dev patil, others did a very good job, all kids were excellent, Freida Pinto needs a special mention, Irfan Khan, Anil Kapoor every one did a good job except Dev Patil who played the older Jamal in the movie.
I fell that had a movie like this had been made in hindi, it would have never even have become a hit and then it would have never found a way into the list of oscar nominations from India and the world would have never known a movie like this existed. So why were we so proud when ARR won the award?, it's just pure indirect insult to our culture, So why were we so proud when the movie won awards for direction and screenplay?, when the direction and screenplay was not done by an Indian, first of all why were so proud about this movie which is not at all Indian? The ultimate answer is that the MEDIA has duped us into believing that it was actually a good movie based on our culture. I don't know when the media will ever stop hyping unnecessary things.
I know that many would not agree with what i just wrote, but i'll end this post with a tinge of happiness that India's most favorite actor is on my side or rather i am on his side. Sorry if i was racial, but i couldn't find no better way to explain it.   

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sachin THE God.

     This is my 50th post and what a wonderful thing i got to write for this post, Sachin and his 200*, it's a Divine sent gift (i mean sachin when i say divine,God etc). I spent a fair bit of my life in one sadness, only one record not created or broken by the God, but i thought that the god is omnipotent and just for a him a record book could be created and just that one record would not matter at all. But i'll remember the 24th of February, celebrate this day as it is one of the most important day of the year apart from the 24th of April this is the day that broke an existing record and also create a new record that no living person has done(that's why he is the God). I stood up in adulation, tears rolled down(i don't know why it happened, but it surely did happen) and was paralyzed with admiration,passion or any other word in that dictionary for love for the God, there is completeness now, every mafa record is made by the God now, is there anyone out there to question any aspect of the God?, C'mon where are those who said that he's old for the game?, C'mon where are those who said he is not consistant?, C'mon where are those who said he can't bat fast?, C'mon where are those who uttered those blasphemous shit? and most importantly where is that coach and a wicketkeeper-batsmen and other mere-mortals who doubted his commitment?, Ya you got it, those have dug their heads into a ditch full of dog shit or they have understood their mistake and changed their stance from anti-god to devotees of the omni powerful.
     There was an sms after the record from a good friend of mine, he asked "I got a critical doubt now, will the God's 200 be considered as the 46th century or his first 200?", i never replied, i did not know the answer, but  all i knew was that God is great and only because of him these kinds of doubts could arise, all i can say is that, "I was an Atheist, but saw Sachin Tendulkar and realized how blind i was". One chance, i need to meet him or at least see him from a distance, i can go back and die happily!, what else is left?, i would have attained salvation, that's enough for my life.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Judaism and Islam

Ok i did not do a lot of research before this post so just don't get into the absolute correctness of what i write,
I got an sms the other day, which said,
Why Muslim girls want to marry Hindu men?
1.Freedom from Burkha.
2. Relief from 7-8 deliveries.
3. Clean shaved Husband.
4.Most important Uncut-Banana!!!
I don't know how funny it was, but i wanted to find about that banana thing,so i googled it, and i found somebody has already asked that question on yahoo answers, then i found that even jews have their banana's cut!.
Ok now the point is, that muslims say that prophet said it to them first, he gave 5 other hygiene rules like shaving underarms, trimming the mustache ( but can have big beard),blah blah, now the fun starts here, jews claim that all that was copied from their torah!!!!(they never get along well, i don't know the reason why), ok as far i know islam is 1400 years old and judaism 3000 years, now, which one is better to believe in?, yep you got it right, nothing.
Now that's a really good example to show how stupidly all the religious text's are linked up, bible and torah, torah and quran, quran and bible and other stupid books. While even simple logic could say a lot about the truth, people depend on these books and resort to all kinds of stupidity, wars , riots, terrorism, untouchabilty, etc, all kinds of shit happen due to religion, just imagine a world without religion, peace in punjab('83 hindu-muslim riots), a view of two tall towers from the banks of river hudson, most of riots might have never occurred, most social evils would have never even been thought of and many other good things might have happened. 
Now, i am not urging no one to become an atheist or making a direct insult on a particular religion or saying that your faith is stupid, all i want to say is, think, use that thing inside your skull a little more, i am an atheist already and i can proudly say that i became an atheist all by myself just by pure thinking, i always doubted and now i am sure of the truth. It's all left to you to decide what's good for you, but give it a thought.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Funny Cricket Cartoon's


                                                         Stupid Dhoni.                                                          

I love Cricinfo Page2.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Lola Rennt!

Ok this is my first post from any other browser other than chrome or firefox, am using opera now.
     Lola rennt!, was does that mean, well it's in german for lola run! literally, and a beautiful movie has been made on that title. This movie is also otherwise famously known as "Run Lola Run", and it's directed by Tom Twyker a german director, this is the first german movie i have ever seen, which makes german the 5th foreign language in which i have seen movie's. Ok many might have seen this movie already since it is so famous and hit theaters in '98, it's an absolute thriller with maverick screenplay and even more maniac story.
     Lola gets a phone call from her boyfriend Manni, crying he lost 100,000 marks(german currency) and he's got only 20 more mins left now(time is 11:40) to pay off or he would be killed by the person whom he owes that money and by 12, he would rob the supermarket near him and take the money to pay away the 100,000, so lola starts running thinking where to go, and she thinks it's better to go to her dad and then, the movie starts to blow you into pieces, from then on it's a masterpiece, very fast, very logical, and certainly very good.
     This movie is actually three different sets of stories or ways in which that 100,000 marks can be got, the movie stops after each instance of getting the money and again starts afresh and it ends the third time only.This is a very small movie approx 1 hour and 10 mins but very effective in telling the story. A must watch for thriller genre fans like me, currently rated 8 on imdb, surely going to be one of my most favorite movies of all time.Must Watch movie.Bye.

Monday, February 15, 2010


     Never heard a funnier rumor than this, very funny one, check it out.
     Adidas sports apparel, footwear company was actually started by Indians in the U.S. Two people Adithyan, Devadas started this company to earn a living long back, which is now known and very common brand.Rofl.
     So after hearing these absolutely silly rumors, i searched on the net and the truth is, Adidas is a german company started by adolf dassler, rudolf dassler. Jesse owens won 4 olympic medals wearing those shoes, which made them a rage instantly and it remains famous to date. Then after the world war-2 both the brothers separated then rudolf started Ruda which was later rechristened as Puma and adolf kept the original name and the factory. Reebok too is a part of adidas, so the major three sportswear brands belong to the same family. For more and detailed description google it or just use wikipedia.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Eden Gardens

     This ground is heaven for any Indian cricketer/fan, any day if anyone asks me to talk about a few test victories by India, i would without doubt mention 2001 Ind vs Aus among a few others, that test happened in the most beautiful eden gardens-Kolkatta , we were hopeless on day:3, following on, but the aussies did not know that if they have to capture the Indian fort, they have to demolish the strong Indian WALL guarded by a STYLISH HYDERABADI, then there were a few spinning arrows thrown at the them bya person know as the TURBONATOR, poor aussies it took lot of time to suppress the first two but then the arrows devastated more than half of their army.Scorecard.
     Eden gardens has magic, something a mortal can't interpret, present : series against S.A , status : we are 1 down in the two test match series, past : in 2001 we were one down to aus in that series, Similarity : A test match at Eden, Results : Won the series after winning that test, after have risen from the ashes like phoenixes, Present :End of day 1,sa 266 FOR 9........ Eden is showing it's magic, History is repeating itself the arrow-thrower is resurrected, the stylish hyderabadi's back, Wall has been re-built using chennai concrete(that's badri), the opening slayers are in murderous mood, the rapid spear throwers are spitting fire,every sign of a victory is imminent, we are going to win the match, we are going to remain the Number one.

Prison Break 5?

     I really don't know but there are a few people out there who say there might be another version of Prison Break, I don't know how they would bring scoefeild back to life in pb5 i.e if there is another season cos, without that character prison break is quite useless.There are a few videos on youtube and many links on google suggesting there might be another season, so if anyone gets a confirmed news, pleases let me know.

Sherlock Holmes by Guy Ritchie

     From the number of bald headed guys in Guy Ritchie movies, i deduce that he is bald himself too and since all his movies are based in London slums, i again deduce that he is from London himself.....Ha ha even i am a detective as good as Holmes.
     Just saw this movie, a few minutes ago in fact. This the only movie outside the legendary guy ritchie style of taking, but of course it's boring to see all other movies in the same style and so he tried this movie and did a fairly good job. The story contains almost all the famous holmes characters in the movie, including Irene Adler and Lestrade. This story is to find a person who practices black magic, he is caught and sentenced to death by hanging for practicing black magic and murdering five other women but resurrects from death mysteriously.
     That's it no more spoilers, the screenplay was fairly fast and regular unlike guy ritchie's style.Camera work and art is worth mention, here-and-there there were glimpses of the directors style, like a bare fist boxing match(snatch) and a little of the narrative style also. Watch it, a good movie, rated 7.6 presently on imdb.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hurt Locker

     Those guys, the oscar judges are a bit weird i think, i saw this movie yesterday, it's a good movie, but it's too slow. I think it's the american mind set, which is different from mine, Iraqi, Afgani war, i don't know them and i don't care about them, but maybe the american's may know about it cos, they have done those wars. The movie starts with the death of an american bomb squad person in Iraq and he's replaced with a new bomb technician, who's extremely reckless and don't care about his life. The story is about that bomb technician and his 3 member team, in which one gets injured just because of the bomb tech, and the third one is a be safe person. At the end of their rotation term , the be safe person goes home to marry and have children and does not want to return, but the reckless bomb tech feels Iraq needs more bomb techs and returns for a full one year term to Iraq leaving his wife and one year child.
     Good movie but as i said it's too slow and gory in some scenes, watchable movie, i just didn't have no emotional connect with that story. 

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Goa-Not really a senseless holiday

     Senseless holiday, that's how it was refered to, but i don't think it's a really senseless movie, of course it ain't so funny but the real-bad-don't-watch reviews were not the truth i saw this movie a few hours back at rohini multiplex, the theater was not really good either sound effects were bad and moreover a lot of scenes were a copy from many english movies, like hangover where those people go to vegas, these guys go to goa to have a good time and they later get into trouble and in a scene vaibhav gets allergy due to sea food (copied from hitch) and a beer drinking contest in the bar(copied from??? you guess). There are three special appearances in the movie prasanna, simbu, nayanthara.
     Initially jessica alba was approached to play a important role in the movie but she asked a large amount of money as fees, so they selected somebody else to play that role. Music of this movie was not great only one song, direction finds nothing nice to mention, camera work and certain special effects were good. Performance by sampath the famous villain as a soft speaking homosexual is very good, and others performances were also fine just about ok i have to say. This movie is nothing really to watch only if there is no other proper work to do, go for this movie( I had no proper work). Not really waste of money but a part of it.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tamil Padam, Porkkalam

     I am tired, my head's aching and stomach seems to have swelled, throats a bit dry and for what? I saw this movie a few hours back, me and 3 others went to this movie at rohini theaters and found seats at some 5th row from the screen, the moment the movie started people(including me) started shouting,hooting, whistling and it never stopped till the interval. It is a spoof of many movies and contains a no reason complete non-sense story, in the morning some idiot said that the movie was bad but that was not the case when i saw the movie only disappointment was that the only 4 of us went for the movie but this is a 10-member-in-a-gang movie, it feels better when you watch it with a gang of friends.
    This movie contains a ridiculous love story but extremely funny one, a hero who just does all stupid things and old thata's potrayed as college students, and the list of funny things in this especially the interval block the "Run" fight in the subway, hero's intro after becoming a man from a boy miraculously just in 5 sec's are few of the best moments.Highly recommend anyone who reads this movie to watch it but go with a bunch of friends.
By the way last tuesday that's 26th i saw "Porkalam", a friend said it was good and me and another guy went for it at the devi complex, waste of money, theater was not that good, too much ac etc this movie's story is very mysterious cos, I've not yet understood why such a movie was taken, but only one thing is this camera work superbly done, slow fade-in's and out's were good but an extremely bad movie, highly recommend not watch it. Bye guys,tc.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pi: The movie

     Ok a post after a long time, so what's pi? Everyone knows it as 22\7, but why it's 22\7?...Why can't it be some 11\3 or some other irrational number? Those questions have haunted me for some time but i am no Einstein so never spent time wasting my mind thinking about it, but i saw this movie called "Pi".
9:13, Personal note: When I was a little kid my mother told me not to stare into the sun. So once when I was six, I did. The doctors didn't know if my eyes would ever heal. I was terrified, alone in that darkness. Slowly daylight crept in through the bandages, and I could see, but something else had changed inside of me. That day I had my first headache.
 What a movie was that?Was that a movie? those are the questions haunting me these days.This movie has a story which probably you won't understand but you will be glued to the seat until the end. At first i started watching the movie with no knowledge about what it would be, wow, it's a BLACK AND WHITE movie and i was thinking it might have been taken in some 50's but to my horror it's a movie from the year 1998, so what would a movie in black and white made in 98 would offer?, i thought but again it was one thriller of a movie i was glued to my chair in front of the computer even until the end-titles ran out. Then later i realized the same team which worked for "Requiem for Dream" were the makers of this movie also, Requiem is one of my favorite movie and now Pi is also on the list. It's about a mathematician who works hard to find what the pi is and apply it to the stock markets and in other applications but he faces problems in the due course that's how the story is made up of. I recommend this as a must watch,it has fast paced music,screenplay,camera work(though it's black and white, it's very good) everything about the movie was pacy and good, here's link for it's rating and other stuff.
Restate my assumptions: 1, Mathematics is the language of nature. 2, Everything around us can be represented and understood through numbers. 3: If you graph the numbers of any system, patterns emerge. Therefore, there are patterns everywhere in nature. Evidence: The cycling of disease epidemics;the wax and wane of caribou populations; sun spot cycles; the rise and fall of the Nile. So, what about the stock market? The universe of numbers that represents the global economy. Millions of hands at work, billions of minds. A vast network, screaming with life. An organism. A natural organism. My hypothesis: Within the stock market, there is a pattern as well... Right in front of me... hiding behind the numbers. Always has been.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Priceless Things

Today is the last day of the vacation which my christian-minority college gave for us, in a way i am fortunate to be studying(at least going and coming back) in this college because they are all religion fanatics and there is always a reasonable amount of holidays for any religion's occasions. It seems to be like everyone out there is doing some work or going to college but we alone are staying at home and enjoying our vacation, but this vacation of 12 days have been very enjoyable for me and my friends but money was spent in fairly equal amounts, we saw quite a lot of movies that's where the money went, almost everywhere the tickets costs were more than 70 + 30 rs one day pass to go travel by bus + food eaten outside cos we get back home very late. But whatever happened we did enjoy our asses off. OK at the end of this holidays i plan to just write a list on what movies i saw and see how much i spent and also other things which took place in between.

  • VETTAIKARAN (hehehehe) we wasted 70 for ticket,just a waste, luckily we missed the first 15 mins which was extremely funny as a few of my other friends say it was and adding other costs some 60 approx.That day was the first time(for all not just me) we went to the citi center after roaming in the beach for about an hour. Date: around 23,24 Theatre: Idream,Royapettah.
  • Raj's christmas party, we went to his house near avadi this was not a costly affair but 30 rs ticket was taken as it was needed and morning breakfast was eaten out.We drank just a bottle cap full of wine at his home, some were expecting beer but that did not happen, briyani was served saw this sivaji movie at his house luckily only the first half then we talked at chatted took photos with Raj's guitar and time went by, but sadly since there were many at Raj's house, he himself couldn't enjoy as he was hosting the lunch.Date: 25.
  • YOGI- wonderful movie i did not even write a post about it, this movie was raw, realistic and emotional. It deals with the concept of 'even bad people can have heart'.The last scene when ganja karrupu throws the photos under the door and the photos get scattered all over the room it's a very emotional scene.I did not rate it, so it's 8.5/10.Expenditure 80 for ticket+30 rs ticket and that day we went to riche street i did not buy anything but lime soda 12 rs, and then i went to a friends house near the light house, i was in the beach almost till 8, eat some fastfood on the beach 30 rs and left.Date: 30 Theater: Santham, Mount Road,no programs on 31 and 1st jan.
  • AVATAR- I saw it yesterday, and the long wait was because i only wanted to watch it in 3-D and only 2 theaters screened 3-D version Satyam and Inox. Nevertheless, the wait was worth it, got to watch it in a good theater with 3-D and most importantly in english. Story was a bit repetitive, but what made this whole movie different than the others is the graphics and special effects, a new language Na'vi was developed a new planet Pandora was created with it's full plants and animals, people, their religion all was made newly, no wonder it took 10 years in the making. Everything was done to perfection, you will spend most of the time just wondering how James Cameron thought about the planet's anatomy right from scratch, Must watch, 7.5 for story, 10 for it's special effects, average 8.5. Expenditure:120 for ticket, 30 rs ticket,30 rs briyani, then we went to the government exhibition and trade fair, Entrance 10, one ride on the TorraTorra 25 one lime soda 15, then to beach spent some 45 minutes of time over there and bought wrist bands for myself and friends 20 and on the way home snacks 25 rs. But it was a wonderful time.Date: 2nd jan, Theater: Inox, citi center.
Roughly it totals upto 600 rs, and that's some spending for just 12 days for my budget, but as some credit/debit card's tagline says some things in life are priceless, yes it was priceless and this was the best time i had in my life with any of my friends till date.