Thursday, May 27, 2010

Don't know what to name this.

     I was not able blog for a long time now, i had my exams(doesn't necessarily mean that i utilized all that time to study) and then my bro's exams and then a few relatives at home kept me out of blogging for some time, in two days i have to leave for my native too, so for another ten days no other post most probably, i wanted to write a lot about how proud and happy i was to see CSK lift the IPL trophy, got a few ideas on Atheism and many other things too but was able to write, to top that all i use BSNL internet connection which like went off 3-4 times while i was typing this so whenever i get time and loneliness to write a post the internet connection is down(i don't like people peeping over my shoulders when i am writing a post), but i had enough time to watch a lot of movies, of the movies i saw recently i liked gran torino, the prestige, breach, world's fastest indian, insomnia, eastern promises, iron man, luck by chance, JHONNY GADDAR,parugu and etc were good, i don't remember i would add 3 or 4 more but i don't remember all the movies i saw, then there was enough cricket tamasha happening around eyepeeyell on twitter was really cool, then the wc ouster, the way dhoni commented on pulling was all funny, good entertainment though, FB is a thing which made blog a little less,kinda getting addicted to fb, so that's it from me for now bye.