Thursday, December 24, 2009


    Ya ya i risked my life.....I saw this movie.I saw it at Idream cinemas and luckily we missed the first 20 mins, 5 including me went to the movie and one of them is a Vijay fan(not me), obviously he first said he wont come with us cos, we would make fun of that animal doing gravity defying things but somehow managed to make him come and we tried to stay quite, but others didn't, many were seeing the funny side of those stupid stunts in the movie and vijay's acting no doubt it's funny, c'mon he has the talent to make us laugh in sentiment scenes and cry in his comedy scenes and roll and laugh in his fights, who else can do that other than DR.VIJAY.
     Ok leaving the crap behind,the story is this, ravi hails from a village(familier),fails repeatedly in 12th exams and finally passes,comes to chennai to study and complete his ambition that of becoming a police officer like his role model srihari(forgot his character's name in the movie), and he would drive his auto to make money for his studies,he falls in love with anushka(complete crap segment of the movie), she falls in love with him,villian chella abuses a girl who is known to ravi, then what else?, a stupid fight,chella takes severe beating he can't get up for a month while his father vedanayagam(the only real actor in the movie) tries to kill ravi in the place of another person called bomb ravi in an encounter style execution but he escapes by juming into an approx 80 feet high waterfall.First half over....
     After you have had a 10 min break to breathe and rest from the suffocation you have suffered from watching this movie, the second half starts ,ravi goes to meet srihari to confront him on why he would not come to save him and let it happen to him (heart-break ->;) he finds srihari has lost his eyes because of the main villain and also he was not shot at properly by the encounter specialists cos,srihari told them not to,srihari lost his family and eyes to vedanayaga, than ravi goes to veda and veda instead of killing him on spot veda takes him with him and tells his story how he is person that he is today just by starting as a petty worker at a tea stall and lets him go and not to been seen ever in his life, from next day onwards all of veda's properties start coming down as ravi, now transformed 'police ravi' starts bringing them down(How?,Dont ask this is DR.Vijay's movie) then ravi becomes a big don and does social service then suddenly ravi's love story is known to the villian's and they kidnap anushka, ravi sorry police ravi saves her(severe failure of the gravitation effect takes place though, along with common senses' too) and from then on there is no proper story veda becomes a minister and he is assassinated by srihari(he was blind right?) and movie ends.....................
     Stupid movie, only the villain's character was good, anushka was there only to fill up the glamor-quotient of the movie, logic-quotient was absent,vijay as always damaged the art of acting, comedy was bad, except for the fight's they were very funny and could you believe it a crow could talk in this movie!,music the worst by vijay antony, of course he shares his name with the animal and what do you expect while he's composing for the animal's movie, and what ? rating? you searching for rating for this movie? hahaha i don't rate movies when 1.They are too good, 2.when they are too bad.........cos there would be no use in rating them and this movie qualifies for the second point as listed above......
Alert! Watch it at your own risk, the producers or the animal in the movie is not responsible for any health or life loss occurring during the course of the movie.


  1. lolz...agreed!!!!! all hiz movies r d same!!! i risked my life wid sura!!! fortunately alive!!!