Saturday, November 7, 2009

There is GOD

          I thought i was an Atheist untill i saw this man

              According to the good books of all religions god has the power to break the ground and rip the sky apart,i thought that was all silly and said to everyone that i am an Atheist but in fact i did see the ground tear apart,the sky ripping,cricket balls falling into the crowd like it were rain drops,IT WAS THE GOD IN ACTION,IT WAS "SACHIN TENDULKAR".
                    Dancing down the pitch,cover drive or innovativeness he is the God.Do i need to say more, i don't think so.
Praise be to the GOD.
Hail the one and only living GOD.
Call the GOD by the name "SACHIN TENDULKAR".


  1. I saw that match... Haven't seen such an innings from any batsmen for a long time.. he single handedly took the team near to the target... One of the Best innings i have ever seen..

  2. rather than blindly believing in god it is lot better to fantasize a person to that status and my god is Sachin Tendulkar and he play for India(and then maharasthra lol,funny,very funny).