Monday, September 21, 2009

Purpose of Creating this Blog

Hi fellas i just like to tell you why i wanted to create this blog.A few days back i was thinking about some kind of medium so that i can burst open my idea's and i thought that blogging was a good idea.Actually i happened to see one of my friends blog that is it is Inchara's blog which inspired me to have my own blog of course you will understand once you visit his blog why i was so was like a masterpiece of a blog so i thought if my friend can create a blog like that why not me.Atleast Inchara knows a lot about Astronomy,what do i know?...Maybe nothing or may be i do know something,may be it's hidden inside me....Ok cutting the crap i will be writing anything in my blog as and when an idea comes up all the movies i watch and guys i am a hell of an atheist i will surely be posting a lot on Atheism.

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