Friday, October 16, 2009

Champions League T20

The really interesting cricket tournament of 2009 had already started, so i am not goin to tell about,it jus that i have found something called plagiarism that i really hate ,that's one of the reason why i hate vijay, copying and spolin the original movie and givin no credit to the original person who made the movie same implies to jeyam ravi and his elder bro.OK,i was talkin about copyin in cricket, so what has cl t20 got to do with it?..... The whole concept is copied,none of it is purely from cricket,it is from football but still lalit modi acknowledges it gives credit to the original concept he agrees("if that above one line makes u think that i like lalit modi,then it's ur mistake,I really hate him"),but other things were copied like the ad of the first season of IPL and the second season's ad was indigenious and was good but not as good the first seasons ad even though it was copied.After readin all this if you are thinkin whats your point dude? here it is..............."They have copied the logo of the cl t20,...copied?from what?from my electronics are u talkin about,if that's your question here is the answer with the proof.
Do u see those fins around champions leauge t 20, look closer what do they look like.................

The legendary 2-Input OR gate aint that copyin lalit modi must be hung in public for this,I am an engineering student and i must take responsibity to make the world know about this.

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