Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Shining

               I saw this movie two days back when no one was at home,with all lights switched off and the speakers turned to full volume with full bass effect,but you know what? i felt sleepy all the way throught the movie(of course i was feelin sleepy even before the movie statred).I am in no way a person who could judge movies cos i never say "i like this movie",i never get obsessed to no movie star or director,the only thing i am so fanatic about is cricket and atheism i am passionate about both.
                The actual point is that how do people watch all those silly horror,ghost story stuff they really suck.I don't mean "The Shining" was bad it is excellent movie no doubt about that,but ain't it silly to believe in all that silly stuff and watch it,anyways the movie i liked it in a way did not find any logic in it but it is ok for horror movies i feel and it was scary,the blood gushing through a hall way that was a good scene, performances were excellent the kid also acted well and one thing i really liked is the cinematography it was excellent the quick zoom to the face was really good and that's i literally fell asleep during the climax of the movie.